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“McMafia” is an British-American television series produced by BBC and AMC television companies. And it would seem that you need to add more, but no, this “giants” of television series will do their best, for sure. This project has something to surprise us.

The plot was based on the book by Misha Glenni “McMafia: Seriously Organized Crime” released in the distant 2008. The premiere of the series was launched on January 1, 2018 and caused a storm of emotions among the audience. And even the display of the trailer, launched in 2017, did not remain without attention, according to the magazine Time to the trailer of the year No1 is the series “McMafia.” Film itself tells us a crime dramatic story with elements of a detective and a thriller, directed by James Watkins.

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As of December 2022, there is still no information that the season 2 of the McMafia TV series is planned to be released. The filming process has not begun, the actors are involved in other projects. Recall that after the success of the season 1, the creators of the project are actively talking about the continuation. Loyal fans are still waiting for the release of new episodes, but, unfortunately, to no avail. We continue to follow the news.

The plot of the series “McMafia”

The plot line of the series tells us, at first glance, an unremarkable story of Oksana and Dmitri, the son of emigrants who have lived in England for many years, Alex Goodman, who in every possible way tries to avoid the criminal past of her family and set up her own business. The guy after studying in America opens his investment fund and lives his own independent life.

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The young guy has a girl named Rebecca, with whom they want to start a family life and believe in a bright future. But as it often happens, the past of parents overtakes Alex and he has to get involved in the mafia world and work not only with Russian bandits, but also with Mexican drug dealers and Balkan smugglers. The guy needs to join the criminal world in order to protect his loved ones, and how much he will manage to find out.


In season 2 of the series “McMafia” we will see the continuation of the criminal drama, tied on Alexey, to lose the right-wing and relatives from the threats of the criminal sphere.

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Typically, one of the screenwriters of the television series Hussein Amini: “Alex is transformed from just a manager to one of the most influential people in the world of the mafia. This takes him about six months and it’s impossible to fit into the framework of the two-hour film, so we have a serial. ”

Incredible symbiosis of actors

The cast of this series not only amazes the number of talented people, but also the cooperation of several countries. Starring: James Norton (Alex Godman), David Strathearn (Semyon Kleiman), Alexei Serebryakov (Dmitry Godman), Maria Shukshina (Oksana Godman), David Densik (Boris Godman), Fei Marsay (Katya Godman), Merab Ninidze (Vadim Kalyagin), Juliet Rylens (Rebecca Harper) and others.

The series was shot at 10 different locations around the world (London, Moscow, Istanbul, Cairo, Kharvatiya, Qatar, Mumbai, Belgrade, Belize, Tel Aviv) and the budget of each series was several million pounds. What else can you expect from the audience.

The screenwriters of the series were Hussein Amini, Lawrence Coria and David Farr.

And what about ratings of the series “McMafia 2 season”?

Reviews about the show from critics, for the most part, are positive. The daily newspaper of the Great Britain “The Guardian”, described the series as “superbly made and promising”. And in its review, the daily British newspaper for the second episode of the first season, which says that the ratings are 7.4 out of 10, and the ratings are 99% 99% of 100%. “McMafia” is clearly claiming leadership in the list of the best series this year.

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Although, despite all the merits of this multi-series film, our people who did not like it, in what light in the plot were put out certain nationalities, because of what in social networks were conducted serious dismantlings.

Anyway, noone is indifferent to this tv series.

The positive attitude of critics, the tandem of two major television companies, an interesting and diverse cast, the only director and star script writers who can not leave indifferent audiences, and most likely this series is doomed to success. And we can only wait for the official announcement of the release of season 2. And although this has not happened yet, many are sure that this project will be prolonged. And we can only hope that this will happen and next year the world will see the continuation of this exciting story.

McMafia season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced
2x06Series 6not announced
2x07Series 7not announced
2x08Series 8not announced

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