Mean Girls 3

This is an American youth comedy, the first part that was released in 2004. The main characters are 15-year-old schoolgirls who face teenage problems that have fallen on them. They fall in love and confront the cruel laws of school life.

The creators have not yet given any comments on this matter, and at the moment there is no work on the third film.

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Given that the second part was a complete disappointment for most fans, continuing the history of cheesy girls from the second movie makes no sense, as it is complete, and create new characters that again repeat the experience of the previous, rather dubious move.

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Does it look all right?

Initially, the picture was a lot of vulgar jokes, for which she received a strict rating. Subsequently, the creators of the picture slightly changed the plot and cut out a part of the scenes, so that viewing was available to a wider range of people.

Mean Girls 3

Critics have reacted positively to this comedy. Despite the uncomplicated plot and the rather trivial problems described in the picture, on the whole this movie leaves a rather pleasant impression and draws its simplicity. The box office pleasantly surprised the creators, and it was decided to begin work on the second part.

“Mean Girls 2” was released in 2011. Speech in the film also goes about teenage problems and about the harsh life in school. The second part no longer received such high marks as the first. The audience expected the continuation of the story, which was told in the first part.

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However, “Mean Girls 2” is more like a restart, if not a parody. The original version was distinguished by its dynamism, realism, superbly prescribed characters, the presence of motivation and a worthy actor’s play.

Mean Girls 3 main actresses

In the second part remained the same squabbling, intrigue, deception and betrayal, but the viewer finds it hard to believe what is happening on the screen. The decisions taken by the heroes of the second part sometimes cause bewilderment, and the acting plays constantly makes one doubt the naturalness of the picture.

Reviews and criticism

The first film was filled with sparkling humor. As for the second part, that is, the audience here was very disappointed, since most jokes are attracted to the ears and do not even cause a slight smile.

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The second part did not bring the expected profit, however, it still has its fans. And it’s not surprising. Teenage themes and stories about the relationship in school will always be popular and will find their audience. Such films are intended mainly for the female part of the teenage audience.

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