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For decades, Giovanni de ‘Medici impartially ruled his empire. Following only his own interests, he was able to make a fortune, although he was never proud of it. But the two sons left after his death finally understood who their parent really was and what they had lost, following his strong temper.

When will the new episode of “Medici: Masters of Florence Season 4” be released?

The continuation of the historical drama “Medici: Masters of Florence” is not planned. For unknown reasons, the shooting was temporarily stopped, and official news about the 4th season has not yet been reported. The series has a high rating, which means it is likely to hear about its continuation.


Giovanni de ‘Medici was not the best ruler for his people. With little power, over time he was able to build an entire empire based on lies and bribery. Giovanni reasoned so that he considered himself right, making a small error in order to ultimately do more good. In the end, he became the main person in all of Florence.

During the reign, his two sons, Lorenzo and Cosimo, had their own interests. Lorenzo enthusiastically bought beautiful outfits, which his father did not approve of. Giovanni believed that the de ‘Medici family should not attract attention. After a short struggle, Lorenzo decided to give in to his father, because he never wanted to argue with the parent who gave him life.

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Cosimo also did not support quarrels in the family. He adored architecture, painted well, but his father was not satisfied with the interests of his son. Having arranged a conversation with Cosimo, Giovanni admitted that he expects his children to fulfill his own dreams. No matter how selfish it may sound, both children agreed to accept the will imposed by the father.

The main characters of the series

But over time, the relationship between them became increasingly strained. Cosimo fell in love with an ordinary girl, Bianca, and when his father found out about this, he decided to forever separate the lovers. Giovanni defeated the room where the young met, scaring Bianca and forever removing her from the life of his son. So Cosimo first knew the bitterness of loss.

More than 20 years have passed. Giovanni died, and the news came to Cosimo that his death was not accidental. The grapes that my father ate every morning were poisoned. Dreaming of catching a killer, Cosimo and Lorenzo decide to hide their knowledge. It has to be difficult, because the father had many enemies who are ready to remove brothers who have long been interfering with others on the path to power.

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Actors and their roles

  • Giovanni de ‘Medici – one of the most influential people in Florence; he was in power for more than 20 years, he tried to be a fair ruler, but he did not see how much his life spoils his own children; Giovanni separated Cosimo from Bianca; he did not approve of Lorenzo’s adventures; both sons he made to work constantly – Dustin Hoffman.
  • Cosimo – calm, reasonable, well versed in tactical thinking, which allowed Giovanni to think that his son would become a wonderful ruler after his death; in fact, Cosimo dreamed of living in love and engaging in architecture, but in the end was forced to accept the will of his father – Richard Madden.
  • Lorenzo de ‘Medici – Cosimo’s brother, who always insisted on a good relationship with his brother; Lorenzo always understood that his father was setting brothers against each other, but tried to be calm; adores bright dresses and affordable women; he is not too interested in the topic of government, because he does not want to do this – Stuart Martin.

Interesting Facts

  1. Part of the film was shot in Florence. Where else can you find so many memorable places? For example, shots taken at the Palazzo Vecchio are considered the most valuable. The difference is that the frescoes belong to our time – centuries ago there were other frescoes.
  2. Alessandro Sperduti, who got the role of Piero, the son of Cosimo, in real life is only a year younger than his on-screen father. Richard Madden is so made-up on the series that many “Game of Thrones” fans will not recognize his beloved Robb Stark, whom he has played for several seasons.
  3. Stuart Martin originally planned to take on the role of Cosimo, but his appearance is more suitable for the description of Casanova, who was his character Lorenzo. And the directors immediately suggested that he become another character, which made the final choice.
  4. The fee of Richard Madden after the 1st season increased significantly. Instead of 400 thousand dollars per episode, he began to receive 600 thousand. For the entire duration of the broadcast of the series, only Dustin Hoffman received more, which in the 1st season was limited to a modest sum of 700 thousand dollars.
  5. Almost all the scenes with the participation of Dustin Hoffman were shot in preparation for the 1st season. Everything that the audience saw in subsequent seasons was shot long before it appeared on the screen. The actor’s health leaves much to be desired, so he tried to spend as much time on the set as he could. He managed to cope with his work faster than expected.
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Medici: Masters of Florence Season 4 - release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1not planned
4x02Series 2not planned
4x03Series 3not planned
4x04Series 4not planned
4x05Series 5not planned
4x06Series 6not planned
4x07Series 7not planned
4x08Series 8not planned

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