Metro: Exodus – acting as a continuation, the third part of the famous computer game Metro 2033. In 2010, on the global platform of the gaming industry, the story of the post of nuclear Moscow debuted, and in particular about the hardships of the lives of survivors in the Moscow Metro. The project was approved by many gamers and won the hearts of fans of post-apocalyptic games.

When will Metro: Exodus

The release of the continuation of the universe “Metro 2033” was originally scheduled for autumn 2018. Then the developers moved the date to the next year. And in the beginning of 2019 it was officially announced: Metro: Exodus will be released on February 15, 2019.


Action Metro: Exodus occur in 2036, in the vastness of a nuclear-war-torn earth. As the protagonist again appears matured, 26-year-old Artem, who bears the idea of ​​finding other survivors, outside the Moscow Metro. For the canon of the plot, the events of the positive ending from the previous part are taken, Metro: Last Light.

Metro-Exodus-worldArtem, along with Anna and the team of “Spartans” escapes from the Moscow Metro to drive through Russia and get to Vladivostok. Having made his way to the Ural Mountains, Artem sits on the locomotive “Aurora”. That’s when the real adventures begin. The heroes are hampered by the “Hansa” agents trying to block the way to the “Aurora”, there are many new and powerful monsters. Proceeding from this it becomes clear that the wanderings of Artyom and his companions will be very dangerous and difficult.

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“It is impossible to live without hope”

With all the diversity of the modern igroproma, it’s not so easy to single out a really catchy, “soulful” project. Despite such a sad remark, similar developments, like Metro Exodus, are endowed with a deep meaning.

Discussing this project, you can involuntarily think about the atmosphere of the broken world, which you managed to transfer to the developers. Fear of people driven into the Metro, despair, longing for lost habitual life – all these feelings are indisputably felt in the game. But the amazing fact is that even in such conditions, mankind has not lost its features. Heroes help each other, empathize and really think about the future, without losing hope. The manifestation of kindness, valor, courage – all this characterizes a person as a Person. Realize this, and a creepy shiver runs through the body.

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etro Exodus, like the previous parts of the game, remains a driving shooter from the 1st person. Players are waiting for a sea of ​​battles with the fascists, monsters and other inhabitants of a hostile world. Although there are still changes in the game process. The boundaries of the game world will expand so much that the player will observe the change of day and night, weather changes and, attention! – the seasons. This originality is related to the plot of the game, which covers the events of the whole year.

Metro-Exodus-enemyIn addition, serious changes affected the AI ​​system. New enemies, in addition to the old, will behave unpredictably and appear on the horizon of the player is not in certain places, as it was before.

Quite complex in the previous parts of the stealth has been seriously improved by the developers and passing the game in a “quiet” mode will be more convenient. Also worth noting the new features of the craft system: the weapons can be improved with the help of handy spare parts.

To all other realism adds the influence of the player on the development of the plot. Each decision will have its consequences.

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Interesting Facts

  1. In one of the official trailers, Artem, after a fight with mutated rats breaks to the surface, and, looking at the open spaces, removes the gas mask. This may indicate an improvement in the environmental situation and, of course, simplifying the passage of locations outside the metro walls.
  2. In the plot again appears Anna – the wife of Artem. In some moments on it will be the helmet of the fighter “Sparta” with the inscription “who if not we”. This detail indicates strong and very adult thoughts, piercing the game.
  3. Several Metro Exodus developers previously engaged in the project S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: Shadow of Chernobyl. Frankly, in the new part of Metro and the truth there are echoes of the old legend from the company GSC Game World.
  4. In the beginning, 4A Games employees wanted to create a completely open world. But this idea in Metro Exodus will remain unrealized.
  5. A new faction will appear in the game – the fanatics of the new religion, condemning the technological development in the apocalypse that has occurred.

    Metro: Exodus release date

    NumberGenreRelease date
    Metro: ExodusAction/RPGFebruary 15, 2019


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