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Thanks to the new novel by Stephenie Meyer, released in August 2020, new gossip has flared up regarding the future of the well-known Bella and Edward. But how do we know how true the conversations are? Should we wait for a full-length story, or will everything that has been said remain a fiction? We will tell you more about everything.

“Midnight Sun part 1”: release date, announcement

The last film in the “Twilight” saga was released in 2012. Releasing a new book almost 10 years later, the writer Stephenie Meyer did not count on great success. But from the moment of sales, her new work was sold out, literally, in a matter of hours. More than 1 million copies fell into the hands of fans of Edward and Bella. And this is only in the United States!
In 2020, director Catherine Hardwicke, who worked on the 1st film in the franchise, suggested that the movie “Midnight Sun” could be released in late 2023. However, this has not yet been officially confirmed. As soon as we know the details, we will update the information on our website.


The story is fully told in the first film “Twilight”, released in 2008. High school student Bella Swan moves to Forks from a sunny town. Unlike its former habitat, it is constantly cloudy and damp here. On her first day of school, she meets a local strange guy who immediately possesses her dreams.

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And while she dreamed of Edward Cullen in her dreams, this guy relentlessly followed her. The strange relationship between them continued after the girl found out that he was a vampire. The situation has taken a dangerous turn. In the following parts, incredible difficulties awaited them, which they overcame thanks to love.

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Unlike the first parts, the narrative in the film “Midnight Sun” will reveal Edward’s thoughts, reveal the veil of secrecy about what he was doing and what he was thinking about while the audience followed Bella’s thoughts. After all, none of the spectators guessed and could not imagine the reasons why the vampire went for the call of his heart, despite the fact that for Bella everything could turn out very badly.

Stephenie Meyer – the creator of the Bella and Edward story

Unfortunately, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will not be filming the sequel for different reasons. It is known that not only the period of the beginning of the filming process is chosen, but also the places of the main locations are being looked for. There is unconfirmed information that the cast is practically known to the creators of the future film. Naturally, the intrigue will persist to the last. The producers do not reveal secrets and do not give any interviews.

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But how will the audience look at this course of events? After all, they remember Bella and Edward performed by Kristen and Robert. The answer is simple: the new generation – new actors.

Actors and their roles

  • Bella – the only child in the family; moved to her father after her mother met a new boyfriend who traveled around the world; in Forks, the girl met Edward; after learning the truth about him, she fell in love even more and was able to go a long way before becoming a vampire – Kristen Stewart.
  • Edward – has been living in Forks for several years with his foster family, where everyone is very friendly with each other; he is a telepathic, and a vampire, like his relatives; hunts animals at night; ashamed of the past in which he killed people; in love with Bella; unable to read her thoughts and cannot understand the reason for her actions – Robert Pattinson.

Interesting Facts

  1. The performer of the role of Rosalie (Edward’s sister) Nikki Reed met for some time with Russian actor Pavel Priluchny, but due to the frivolous look of the young man, the couple broke up. She is now married to Ian Somerhalder – at one time he became famous thanks to the leading role from the TV show “The Vampire Diaries”.
  2. The book “Midnight Sun” by Stephenie Meyer began writing back in 2008. But since the first 20 pages were accidentally leaked to the Internet, she decided to take a long pause and wait for people to forget about the incident. The book was published 12 years later, although for some time the author did not even sit down to work and did not want to continue the story.
  3. According to the writer Stephenie Meyer, she once saw the story of the great love of a vampire and a simple girl in a dream. There, a couple was lying in a meadow under the rays of the sun and this was the beginning of a great story. Stephanie also admitted that she loves to call her characters by the names of her family and friends.
  4. Kristen Stewart never liked the role of Bella and wanted to appear in independent films. After a relationship with the director of the film “Snow White & the Huntsman” Rupert Sanders, she announced a pause in work and lived with a girl for several years. Now the actress is successfully building a career, participates in independent films and does not willingly spread about her personal life.
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Midnight Sun: release date

Movie titleRelease date
Midnight Sun2022

What Twilight Looks Like Without CGI

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