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The French animated cartoon “Minuscule” is not similar to any of the existing cartoons. The complete lack of speech, only the endless buzz of insects, which looks natural against the background of wildlife. The picture tells the life of the eyes of small insects, which we sometimes do not even notice. Beetles, spiders, ladybugs – they all seem cute when professional multipliers take care of it.

When will the cartoon “Minuscule 3” come out?

The continuation of the animated French series “Minuscule” has not been officially announced, but there is no question of closing the project either. Perhaps we will see the continuation of the beloved cartoon, but it is not known when the premiere will take place. We continue to follow the news.
The picture is a 3D-animation, which is superimposed on the background of wildlife. City, forest, countryside and other beautiful views are real-life places that were used as a backdrop for the development of the script.


How much do we know about these small, defenseless creatures? We have been taught since childhood to fear spiders, mosquito bites, in humans intuitively averted insects. After all, parents often try to protect their children from interacting with any kind of small representatives of the fauna. The cartoon explains all this in a simple and accessible language – it only shows life from the face of insects.

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The spider weaves its web and hopes to hook the victim, but is it so easy? While he throws the web on the nearest plants, the ladybug begins to understand what fate it threatens. She is preparing to jump, which will help her to escape from the spider, whose vision allows you to see the prey in a unique way – as if looking at a broken bottle with a lot of reflections.

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What does a ladybug think? Nothing but salvation, therefore, spreading her wings, she scoots right through the spider’s web. With her power she breaks through a strong net and breaks free. The adventures of a ladybug are not over yet, and the viewer is already watching with interest – what will happen next? After all, the life of a small red bug with black specks does not end there.

Especially attentive parents can be calm – there is absolutely no room for violence in the cartoon. Urban bustle and other sounds sound for insects and spectators, as an abracadabra, which is not tied to a specific language. All the inscriptions on the labels, bottles and packs do not have a definite meaning, since the speech in the cartoon is completely absent.

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Below are the types of insects that are found in the picture:

  • Bee – a small creature that is ready to work without working its shaggy paws;
  • Cicada – loves to play music and spend time in the sun;
  • Mole – prefers night time, sees poorly, therefore often relies on its own hearing;
  • Fly – a leisurely creature, over which a ladybug often mocks, loves tasty food, and can eat it in any quantity;
  • Ladybug – constantly flies without a minute to rest, is not able to be calm, strong, fast, likes to joke over insects, especially flies and spiders, more often than the others get into trouble;
  • Ants – they come in two colors: blacks are useful and are always busy, and the red ones are robbing, robbing their relatives and other insects;
  • Spider – he is not interested in anything but prey, but he can never catch anyone;
  • Wasps – the fastest insects, usually moving in small groups, able to fly even into space;
  • Dragonflies – like wasps, but they are mocking at other insects;
  • Butterfly – a beautiful creature, it can beautifully present itself, it is a reborn caterpillar with an elegant appearance;
  • Grasshopper – an insect jumper that can move over large areas, it is inventive, but unlike a ladybug, it is very unlucky.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The essence of the last cartoon was that a group of ants was trying to carry away their sugar cube, but eventually got into a conflict situation. Only other insects were able to overcome the outbreak of war.
  2. The screenwriters are Hélène Giraud and Thomas Szabo. Both are busy working only in the animated series, although in 2007 Giraud tried her hand at making the film “The Fifth Element”. The work on the films for an adult audience was not impressed by the scriptwriter and she returned to the animated course.
  3. The producer of the film was Philippe Delarue, Hervé Lavandier was chosen as a composer. In different countries, these people are not popular, but in France many children grew up on their projects and unforgettable music, which is pleasant not only to the younger, but also to the older generation.
  4. The original title of the 2nd part of the cartoon sounded like “MINUSCULE 2: LES MANDIBULES DU BOUT DU MONDE”. There are no statements about the title of th part 3.

Minuscule 3: release date

NumberRelease date
Minuscule Part 3not announced

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