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Once-successful IMF agent Ethan Hunt is tired of endless pursuits. He has earned enough to enjoy a carefree old age, but the criminals keep him busy. He has to again become a pawn in the game of the chiefs of special services, but they forgot – Ethan does not fall into the same trap twice. Now he can easily figure out other people’s plans…

“Mission: Impossible part 8” – release date, announcement

It is difficult to say for what month and year the premiere of the sequel to the action adventure “Mission: Impossible” is planned, because the date was postponed several times. According to the latest data, the premiere is scheduled for July 7, 2023, but, most likely, this is not the final statement. We follow the news.

As much as Tom Cruise wants to leave the image of Hunt, his character is too popular and brings good profit to the creators of the film project. Each next film brings even greater results, which inspires everyone to a new job.


When Ethan and a few others went on a mission from IMF chief Jim Phelps, they signed their own death warrant. Miraculously escaping death, Hunt decided by all means to figure out the rat. Then the hard-hitting truth about his own office and Phelps was revealed to him – after all, it was he who lured into a trap his workers, now buried.

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After these events, Ethan did not work for long in the organization. Deciding to stop and just live, he tries to strike up a relationship, but no matter how it goes, work takes over. He is blackmailed, forced, coerced and planned to achieve results from him in any way. Hunt is left with one thing – not to start a close relationship, so that they finally stop blackmailing him.

But it is difficult for a person to live his whole life alone. Every time he gets hooked by enemies, Hunt is forced to go out on missions to ensure safety for himself and his family. Having gained popularity from colleagues due to luck in the most dangerous operations, Ethan incurred more and more powerful enemies. But what can one person do against the whole system?

Best scenes from the franchise

As it turns out later, anything is possible. For some time he lived quietly with his wife Julia, but after the news of the capture of his student hostage, he again embarked on the warpath. One by one, Hunt’s pursuers lost their lives. Ethan traveled to different countries, been in different situations, even being imprisoned under a different name did not undermine his faith in life.

But the events of recent films make us think – his longtime enemy named Solomon made a lot of noise, moreover, not only in the fate of the world, but also of Hunt himself. On their last meeting, Hunt had a hard time putting him in jail. But given the connections of the criminal, it’s not hard to guess that he will soon be able to buy himself freedom. And then what is left to do for Ethan, who will definitely be hunted?

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Now the life of the protagonist has no meaning, because he cannot decide with whom to live it and what to do next. A career in the secret service no longer appeals to Ethan, and deceitful bosses only cause irritation. But the enemies firmly decided to wipe Hunt off the face of the earth, and in part 8 Ethan will have a very difficult time, because his own life will be at stake again…

Actors and their roles

  • Ethan Hunt – professional assassin, formerly an IMF employee; is fluent in martial arts; physically strong, which allows him to perform the most difficult tricks; married for many years, but his marriage is constantly undergoing difficulties; was in prison for saving his wife from terrorists, but at the same time endangering the civilian population – Tom Cruise.
  • Alanna Mitsopolis – known under the pseudonym “White Widow”; managed the arms trade; set Ethan a condition under which he was forced to release an old enemy from prison, so the girl longed for recognition of her dominance over Hunt – Vanessa Kirby.
  • Solomon – the antagonist of recent films; was able to skillfully beat Hunt, and at the same time, he once even took his ex-wife Julia hostage – Sean Harris.
  • Julia – Ethan’s wife, whom he considered dead for many years – Michelle Monaghan.
  • August Walker – Ethan’s colleague, helping him in complex operations – Henry Cavill.
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Interesting Facts

  1. From the 1st part, Tom Cruise is the executive producer of the project. We can only envy the actor’s success, since all the films in the franchise pay off well and bring profit to the crew.
  2. During the filming of “Mission: Impossible Part 7”, many of those involved in the workflow couldn’t get along with Tom Cruise. Employees noticed Cruise’s obsession with getting the project done on time. They would have been happy to suspend work during the coronavirus period, but the artist was against it and forced everyone to work despite the illness.
  3. On January 14, 2019, it was announced that two parts were created at once – the 7th and 8th. It was directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who was also responsible for writing the script. Then the exact release date of part 7 of the franchise was announced. Everyone believes in Tom’s punctuality, so there is no doubt that part 8 will appear on time.

Mission: Impossible 8 - release date

Movie titleRelease date
Mission: Impossible 8July 7, 2023

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