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12-serial anime, shot by the same name manga author Katsvo. Despite the abundance of female characters, the themes of school, everyday life and comedy, the main genre of anime and manga is syonen (target audience is boys aged 12-18). The head of the comic strip is published in the specialized magazine syenen-manga Dengeki Daioh once a month.

When the continuation of the anime Mitsuboshi Colors season 2 will come out ?

According to the director and the author of the manga, it is not yet planned to shoot the continuation of the anime.


Anime Three-colored starlets tells about the daily life of three little girlfriends living in a small Tokyo area of ​​Ueno, where there is a famous zoo and park. Local residents have long known about them and called girls “Mitsuboshi Colors” for the love of friends to different shades. Akamatsu Yui, the main character, prefers shades of red, Kotokha – blue and blue, and Sachchan adores yellow and orange.

mitsuboshi-colors-s-2-2After school, girls do not rush home to do homework, but disappear in the district, performing various tasks. Their small secret organization is called “Colors” and is engaged in the protection of the city, because it is much more complicated than it may seem at first glance! Many adults do not pay attention to the difficulties that arise and start affairs on their own, and it’s up to the girl agents to resolve the situation in a positive way.

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True, there are ill-wishers in the girls: a local patrolman named Saito, to whom juvenile justice agents call to the eye and do not let them work quietly.

In a friendly colorful organization of schoolgirls there is even a mascot: the cleverest cat named Colonel.

Every day girls are filled with adventure, fun, undisclosed business … because so much still needs to be done for the benefit of your favorite area!


  • Yui Akamatsu is the main character, the girl-brown-haired, the head of the organization “Colors”. Pretty shy and timid. Very often she cries because of her impressionability and emotionality. Loves red and pink shades.
    Sachchan is a blonde girl, loving yellow and orange shades. The generator of ideas of the company, very cheerful and vigorous. Her full name is unknown (“Sachchan” is a dimly caressing form of the full name), because her mother also calls her “Sachchan”. If Yui and Kotokha swear, she will reconcile them and act as an intermediary.
  • Kotokha is a brunette girl with long straight hair. Likes blue and blue shades. Quiet and quiet. He loves to play various video games, although he does not know how to do it properly. All the riddles and secrets are solved most often by Kotoch, because he is able to analyze and reason logically.
  • Saito is a city policeman, whom life constantly encounters with three-colored stars. They prevent him from working with his inventions and inventions, besides they try to entice him to his side and make him an assistant.
  • Mama Sachchan is a woman who runs a fruit shop. Sometimes he gives the girls tasks.
  • Sasaki Nonaka is a high school student and a good acquaintance of girls.
  • Colonel Monochrome is a cat that has become part of a girl team. At first he was called simply “Colonel”, but, according to Yui, to become a member of their organization, it is necessary to personify some color. This is how a black and white cat became a “Monochrome”.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Creation of an anime series Mitsuboshi Colors season 2 will be occupied by the famous Japanese animation studio Silver Link, which worked on the following popular anime: “It’s not my fault that I’m not popular!”, “Neuro Nogami: detective from hell”, “The sight of the fiery Shana” , “Twilight Maiden and Amnesia”, “Abandoned Bunny”, “Penguin Drum”, “Stories of Monsters”, “Under the Bridge over Arakawa”, “Naughty Kiss”, “Ef: A History of Memories”, “Durney, Tests, Avatars” “Communication of Hearts”, “Revenge of Masamune-kun”, “You and Me”.
  2. The director of the project is Kawamura Tomoyuki, who was the main director of the well-known anime series “Fun of the Gods”, “Nichesbog the same!”, “Antimagic Academy” and the director of separate episodes in the series “Gintama”, “Weekdays of high school students”, “Natsume friendship book” “The road of youth.”
  3. Katswo, the author of the original story of the manga and anime Mitsuboshi Colors, is the author of the popular work “Golden Egg”. In just two years, over 10 million copies of this work were sold in Japan.
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Mitsuboshi Colors season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1unknown yet
2x02Series 2unknown yet
2x03Series 3unknown yet
2x04Series 4unknown yet
2x05Series 5unknown yet
2x06Series 6unknown yet
2x07Series 7unknown yet
2x08Series 8unknown yet
2x09Series 9unknown yet
2x10Series 10unknown yet


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