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Jay Pritchett is a man of the age and head of a large family, where everyone has their own problems and experiences. When the first wife left the man, he decided to have a cocktail party, where he liked one of the girls in a bikini, which carried drinks. So he met the charming Gloria.

When will the series “Modern Family Season 10” be released?

The long-awaited sequel to the multi-part comedy “Modern Family” will be released on television screens on September 26, 2018. This season is likely to be final.

The details of the daily routine described in detail will not make the viewer bored. Favorite characters again surprised by new stories.


Gloria, which is of Colombian origin, has an eye-popping appearance and mouth-watering forms. When they decided to get together, Jay adopted her child from the first marriage. Thus, the family became even more and more fun.

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Jay’s daughter, Claire, who has already got her own family, is struggling to normalize communication with her family. Her husband believes that he should talk with children on equal terms. Thus, Phil often puts his offspring in an uncomfortable position.

Jay’s son, Mitchell, is building a relationship with a man with whom they adopted a little baby Lily from Vietnam. The girl is still very small and fathers had to learn how to change diapers.

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While children grow up and do their own thing, Jay understands that his best years have passed. The man tries to match his young wife and her son-teenager. But is everything so simple, if you start to fail with age?

Actors and their roles

  • Jay – Ed O’Neill. The last serials with his participation were “The Tenth Kingdom”, “Happy Numbers”, “Spartan”. In addition to filming in the sitcom “Modern Family” is involved in the series “In Search of Dori”, which has been broadcast since 2016.
  • Gloria-Sofia Vergara. TV presenter, model and actress. Became famous after the release of the film “Big Trouble”, where she starred along with René Rousseau.
  • Claire – Julie Bowen. Actress of the series “Staying Alive”, “Lawyers of Boston”. In 2011, she starred in the movie “The Imperfect Bosses”. In addition to her successful career, Julie does a great job of family responsibilities, raising three sons.
  • Mitchell – Jesse Tyler Ferguson. began to comprehend theatrical Olympus in the Broadway productions. Like his character, Jesse is an open gay and is married to a man.
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Interesting Facts

  1. To get the role of Gloria, Sofia Vergara performed a plastic breast enlargement surgery.
  2. During the existence of the series, he was 4 times nominated for the Emmy film award in the category “Best TV series”. This record no one could beat since 1990.
  3. After the writers decided to enrich the gay family with a baby, more than 1,500 babies were examined. Since the plot required similarity with Jay, they chose a child who shares similarities with the character.
  4. On the set, Vergara decided to take a nap. Colleagues immediately decided to play a trick on Sophia and covered her face with a napkin, began to take pictures with her in turn. When Sofia woke up, instead of resenting, she posted pictures of herself in Instagram. The caption under the photo was the following: “Never try to take a nap while these people are near!”.
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Modern Family Season 10 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
10x01Series 1September 26, 2018
10x02Series 2October 3, 2018
10x03Series 3October 10, 2018
10x04Series 4October 17, 2018
10x05Series 5October 24, 2018
10x06Series 6October 31, 2018
10x07Series 7November 7, 2018
10x08Series 8November 14, 2018
10x09Series 9November 21, 2018
10x10Series 10November 28, 2018

Modern Family: The Many Mispronunciations of Sofia

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