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2025 Korea. For the sake of common goals, which include the unification of the currency, the North and the South decided to unite. But for the indigenous population, this meant only an increase in the financial gap between the poor and the rich. There is a man calling himself the Professor. He dreams of enriching himself with the money that flows from all over the country to the mint. To do this, he needs a team of professionals to make his crazy plan a reality…

“Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area ss 2”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the exciting TV show “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” has not been officially announced, but it is quite expected. Since the original, Spanish “La casa de papel / Money Heist” is taken as the basis of the Korean film, we can safely assume that we will see more than one season.

Note that the season 1 of “Money Heist: Korea” was divided into 2 parts of 6 episodes. Moreover, work on the second part of the season 1 is still underway. Therefore, if we talk about the season 2, then its premiere is unlikely to take place before 2024.


The story begins with a story about the life of a young girl who served in the troops of North Korea. After the end of the war, she went south, where she dreamed of discovering a new world. But the situation in the country became even sadder and the apartment promised by the broker turned out to be a real slum. Trying to earn her own bread, she finds herself in an unpleasant situation.

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The girl meets a man named Professor. He invites her to participate in an extremely dangerous adventure. But our heroine has no other option, so she agrees. Soon the girl is introduced to accomplices. One of them turns out to be a man named Rio. He resembles a Korean youth idol and skillfully uses his beauty. Rio is not his real name.

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The names of the rest of the team members are also associated with the capitals. Berlin becomes another participant – HE is strict, serious and inspires persistent horror on others. Being a skilled manipulator, the guy easily achieves his goals, while he has great physical endurance. Oslo and Helsinki used to work in a big gang. There are still rumors that they slaughtered its members until there were only two left.

Frame from the TV show

Nairobi is a real outrageous queen. Being a master of disguise, she will be able to infiltrate any environment. The girl is able to change not only appearance, but also habits. The girl, who was discussed at the very beginning, took the pseudonym Tokyo. Any man can envy her fighting skills. That’s why she got on this team.

After bringing them together, the Professor sets a goal: to rob the Mint, which currently has more than 4 billion won, in a short time. Realizing that the team will have enough of this amount for a comfortable old age, he develops an expensive plan. But no one knows yet that a robbery attempt is doomed to failure in advance …

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At a crucial moment, the hostages will not behave as planned, and the robbers will have to act according to the situation. The siege of the Mint, misunderstandings in the team, random murders – all this was in the 1st season, and in the new episodes the audience will have another story from which our heroes will have to extricate themselves, overcoming fear and horror.

Actors and their roles

  • Tokyo — a young girl who is disappointed in life; owns weapons, military equipment; agreed to the event after she realized that the Korean justice system did not bode well for her — Jeon Jong-seo.
  • Nairobi — a forger with a lot of experience; a scammer who strangely hasn’t gone to jail yet; a bully, immediately begins to provoke Tokyo, dreaming of a conflict with her — Jang Yoon-ju.
  • Berlin — was imprisoned in a labor camp from which they do not return alive; managed to escape, saving his life; the most wanted criminal in North Korea; brings unpleasant horror to the whole team — Park Hae-soo.
  • Denver — a simpleton, but very quick-tempered; used to be a street fighter in illegal fights — Kim Ji-hoon.
  • Moscow — Denver’s father; was a miner and knows a lot about tunnels and subways; well versed in technology — Lee Won-jong.
  • Rio — a charming guy with a talent for hacking any computer system — Lee Hyun-woo.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The project was directed by Kim Hong-sun. Over the past three decades, he worked in his homeland and was remembered by the audience for his participation in the films “Warrior Baek Dong-soo” (“Musa Baek Dong-soo”), “Liar Game” (“Laieo geim”), “Black” ( “Beulraek”), “Voice” (“Boiseu”), as well as the TV series “Son: The Guest”, which became the most successful picture of his career.
  2. The original screenplay is by Alex Pina, the creator of the popular romantic film “Three Steps Above The Sky” (“Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo”). Pina has given the world many great projects: “The Ship” (“El barco”), “Vis a vis”, “The Pier” (“El embarcadero”), “White Lines”, “Red Leatherette” (“Sky Rojo”) . The TV series “Berlin” is being prepared for release in 2023, the script for it is also written by Alex.
  3. All scenes were filmed in South Korea. Footage from the fighting involving Tokyo was filmed in the studios.
  4. The role of Berlin was played by the actor Park Hae-soo, known to the viewer from the mega-rated South Korean TV show “Squid Game“, officially renewed for the season 2. In this TV series, Park Hae-soo played the role of the main character’s friend, with whom he got into a death game.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 12024
2x02Series 22024
2x03Series 32024
2x04Series 42024
2x05Series 52024
2x06Series 62024

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