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Once again, Japanese anime creators turned to one of the most popular and beloved works of world-renowned author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for inspiration. But this time the main character is not the detective Sherlock Holmes himself, or even his military doctor and best friend Dr. Watson. The plot of the new anime is based on the main villain – Professor James Moriarty. Who will he harm this time?..

Genre – detective, adventure.
Season 1 premiered on October 11, 2020.
The original name of the anime is Yūkoku no Moriāti.

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“Moriarty the Patriot ss 2”: release date, announcement

The first season of the anime “Moriarty the Patriot” was split into 2 parts for release. The first 12 episodes are shown from October to December 2020, the next 12 episodes from April to June 2021. Given the popularity of the anime, there is a good chance viewers will see a sequel. There are no official announcements yet, but critics are confident that Season 2 will be released. And this will happen no earlier than 2022. Therefore, we reserve our patience and wait for new episodes.

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End of the 19th century. Everything quietly came to the fact that the British Empire became powerful, and class inequality began to manifest itself clearly. But thanks to the three Moriarty brothers, the hometown will begin to change, whether the aristocrats want it or not. Justice must prevail – everyone must be equal. This is Moriarty’s goal…

A little time passed, and the local newspapers again frighten the residents with another murder. Watchmaker, hatter, jeweler, horse keeper, tailor. And although these people are not related to each other, they all work for aristocrats. And this is already something. Is this not a clue to start unrolling the tangle of events that will lead to the murderer of several young boys? But what about the orphan child who added to the list of victims?

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Frame from the anime

The investigation is undertaken by William Moriarty, who has a brilliant mind, excellent observation and a clear plan of action. Having found a murderer among the elite of society, the brothers hand him over to the trial of the one whose son was the victim of a maniac. So, step by step, the fight for justice begins…

Main characters

  • William James Moriarty – brought up in an orphanage with Louis, but both were adopted by the head of the Moriarty family; took the name of the real William Moriarty, who was brutally killed along with his parents; is the middle brother; chief crime consultant; tries not to involve Louis in his insidious plans, but he succeeds badly.
  • Albert James Moriarty – Earl, known in the elite circles of society; the eldest of the Moriarty brothers; was a military man, currently works in the government; went to the orphanage, helping the pupils, after which his family adopted two brothers; did not share the principles of parents who treated ordinary people arrogantly.
  • Louis James Moriarty – William’s brother; the youngest of the Moriarty brothers; cooks great food; seems ruthless and unemotional; always flawlessly fulfills William’s orders.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The anime “Moriarty the Patriot” is based on the manga of the same name by Ryōsuke Takeuchi. The first manga was published in August 2016. As of November 2020, 14 volumes have been published.
  2. The anime was directed by Kazuya Nomura. He took part in the creation of such anime projects as “Fullmetal Alchemist”, “Noragami: Stray God”, “Bunny Drop” and others.
  3. Every fan of the Moriarty the Patriot manga or anime can purchase goods with images of their favorite characters: pens, key rings, rubber rugs, leather flat pouch, badges and even chocolate. And this is not the whole list of products.

Moriarty the Patriot Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 12022
2x02Series 22022
2x03Series 32022
2x04Series 42022
2x05Series 52022
2x06Series 62022
2x07Series 72022
2x08Series 82022
2x09Series 92022
2x10Series 102022

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