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Many centuries ago, humanity felt an acute shortage of resources. At first people tried to find a way out, but eventually started to quarrel, and then fight with each other for resources. All this led to the fact that each city became detached and turned into a mobile machine.

When will the movie “Mortal Engines 2” come out?

The sequel to the post-apocalyptic action movie “Mortal Engines” has not been announced. The first part of the film received low ratings and mixed reviews from viewers and critics. Most likely, the sequel will not be filmed.


Each of the mobile machines called itself a city. They traveled through the desert and sought new supplies of necessary things and objects, destroying the weaker cities. Some of them were very small and immediately were absorbed by other, more powerful giants.

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Now people have no other way out and have to adapt to life in such brutal conditions. Every day, existence becomes more and more unbearable. The number of people on the planet is inexorably decreasing, which indicates a high mortality rate. This is understandable – it became extremely difficult to survive with the complete absence of necessary products, things and other things.

Esther Shaw – an avid rebel, who for a long time was hiding from the police, was absorbed by “London” – this is one of the biggest machines on Earth. Having met Tom Natsworthy from the lower London on his way, Esther exposed his life to many dangers, but the guy was far from being a coward. Passing through death tests young people understand that they are the ones that can change the future. Esther and Tom decided to achieve their goal for a peaceful life and a clean sky above their heads.

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Actors and their roles

  • Esther Shaw – Hera Hilmar. Icelandic actress. For filming prefers serious genres – thrillers, melodramas, action films. She starred in the films “Anna Karenina”, “Da Vinci’s Demons”, “The Fifth Power”, “Life in sight”, recently the film “Ashram” was released, where she performed the role of Sophie.
  • Tom Natsworthy – Robert Sheehan. Became famous after the role of Nate in the series “Scum”. Later he starred in the films “Moon scam”, “Messenger”, “Mute”, “Lair of the monster”, “Geostorm”. It is considered one of the most popular British actors.
  • Shrike – Stephen Lang. In his huge file cabinet, countless films and serials. Most often appears before the audience in the image of an antagonist. Recently received an offer from Steven Spielberg to sign a contract for 3 subsequent parts of the “Avatar”. Recall that in the first and second parts, he also received the role of the main villain.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The plot is taken from the book of Phillip Riva with the same name. Although the film is similar to a book, it has many interesting and memorable details.
  2. On the site Rotten Tomatoes the first part of the film “Mortal Engines” had 99% of expectations, which is the highest rate. Let’s hope that the second part is waiting for the same success.
  3. The first part will premiere on December 12, 2018. The budget of one film is more than 100 million dollars.
  4. The film was directed by Christian Rivers. For a long time, the audience watched his acting career, but in 2016 Christian tried himself as a director in the film “A few minutes after midnight.” The film was successful, which gave Rivers a push to continue the directorial activity.

Mortal Engines 2: release date

NameRelease date
Mortal Engines 2not announced

What is Mortal Engines?

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