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The clan of Hanzo Hasashi, now known as the Scorpion, continues. His descendant Cole Young not so long ago found out about his destiny, and now he is diligently treating the mission entrusted to him. The emperor of the Outworld Shang Tsung has a goal — to win the Mortal Kombat tournament at any cost in order to single-handedly take possession of the Earth. But Cole has the opposite goal — to beat the warriors of Shang Tsung. At any cost.

“Mortal Kombat 2”: release date, announcement

After much deliberation, the creators of the fantastic action movie “Mortal Kombat” have finally decided to move on. Season 2 has been officially greenlit, but production will not begin until 2023. Most likely, the premiere of the part 2 of the action movie will be released no earlier than the end of 2023. We continue to follow the news.
Having successfully broken into the world distribution, the first film grossed a good box office, but insufficient ratings and average audience reviews did not please Simon McQuoid, James Wan and Todd Garner, the producers of the film. Regardless, fans are looking forward to the new story.


In ancient times, there was the impeccable warrior Hanzo Hasashi. He loved his family very much. In his absence, Shang Tsung’s henchmen showed up at his house. The most influential of them, the cryomancer Sub-Zero, froze Hasashi’s wife and son. But before the villain arrived, the woman managed to hide her little daughter.

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Hasashi, who arrived in time, only managed to see the lifeless bodies of his son and wife, after which Sub-Zero was killed. This led to insane consequences, as a result of which Hanzo spent many years in hellfire, and Sub-Zero was sure that his entire family was exterminated. But at the last moment, Raiden, a thunder god, appears, who takes the baby and gives it to a safe place.

According to ancient legend, a descendant of Hanzo Hasashi must free the Earth from the emperor’s invasions. That is why it was important for Sub-Zero to destroy all the descendants of the great fighter. Many years passed before it became known that there were still people on Earth who were related to Hasashi by blood. One of them was a simple man whose capabilities were not surprising.

Frame from the film

Cole Young is a regular guy who makes money from fights. In a fight, he always chooses his daughter as his second. The wife prefers to wait for her husband outside the battlefield, since she cannot watch the battles with his participation. Once a powerful man with superpowers came to them — it was Sub-Zero, who wanted to destroy the descendant belonging to the clan of his longtime enemy.

Defeated, Sub-Zero does not stop the race. But Raiden again enters the business, who is ready to side with Cole and give the warriors of Earth an opportunity to fight the imperial fighters in the Mortal Kombat tournament. Having defeated Shang Tsung, Cole has a new task — to find new fighters to participate in the next tournament…

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Possible part 2 of the film will be devoted to new battles. Thanks to the fight with the servant Shang Tsung, Cole will be able to open his arcade and then successfully use his superpowers in battles with opponents. But he needs a team, because the future of the universe is at stake, which the emperor is ready to absorb at any moment…

Actors and their roles

  • Cole Young — good father, husband, fighter; on his body there is a mark of the warrior of the Earth; soon learns that he is a descendant of the great Hanzo, previously killed by the cryomancer Sub-Zero; gathers people with a similar mark to take part in a tournament against the warriors of the emperor, who, after 10 victories in a row, can seize the Earth — Lewis Tan.
  • Sonya Blade — Special Forces soldier; studied Mortal Kombat and knows a lot about the tournament; together with her friend Jax, looking for the necessary information, helping him to recover from the loss of hands that he lost in the battle with Sub-Zero; receives her mark from the mercenary Kano — Jessica McNamee.
  • Sub-Zero — an experienced fighter who has mastered the art of freezing, which allows him to shackle victims with ice; killed Hanzo, but did not know about his daughter, whose descendants lived peacefully on Earth for a long time; previously introduced as Bi-Han — Joe Taslim.
  • Hanzo Hasashi / Scorpion — one of the first experienced warriors to fight on the side of good; lost his entire family and was himself killed at the hands of Bi-Han; went to hell, where he burned in a flame, but instead of being burned up, he learned to control the elements; appears at the end of the 1st part of the film and helps Cole kill Sub-Zero — Hiroyuki Sanada.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The first approved actor was Joe Taslim, who played the main villain of the 1st part of the picture. Then, within six months, the rest of the actors were recruited.
  2. Filming lasted from September 15 to December 13, 2019 in South Australia.
  3. The movie “Mortal Kombat” will be shown in Japan too. This will take place in June 2021. It is known that not a single game of the same name has been released in the country due to the fact that, according to CERO (an organization for awarding ratings to computer games with the subsequent admission of their sale in Japan), an exorbitant number of bloody battles are shown in them. However, it was decided to launch the film in the country’s cinemas.
  4. The largest box office from foreign countries took place in Russia. There, in the first weekend, the film earned more than $ 6 million.

Mortal Kombat 2: release date

Movie titleRelease date
Mortal Kombat 22023-2024

Mortal Kombat (2021) — Official Movie Behind the Scenes Clip

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