Mr. Mercedes season 2

Continuation of a multi-series thriller directed by Brendan Gleeson, created by the Sonar Entertainment studio based on the script by Stephen King.

When will “Mr. Mercedes season 2” come out?

It is known that the filming of the season 2 for a long time did not begin. The fact is that the creators of the picture were not completely sure that the viewer would accept it. But at the end of the season 1, everything became clear: the popularity grew from series to series, and it was decided to extend the series for at least another season. The premiere of “Mr. Mercedes Season 2” is scheduled for August 22, 2018.

Critics gave positive predictions and predict the project for more than one season, but only on the condition that Stephen King himself will continue to work on the series in his personal life.

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Early morning, employment center. Here, long before the opening, a large number of people gathered who urgently need work. Unexpectedly, as described in the series “Mr. Mercedes” in the crowd at full speed, a smart car drives in. Mercedes tires on the tires of the gathered people.

As a result, dozens of dead and wounded, including a young mother with a baby, no one installed the driver, as the windows in the car were darkened. The owner of the car was rich Olivia Treponi.

It turned out that the car had been stolen from her not long before. After all the accusations, this woman committed suicide. The investigation is led by Bill Hodges along with partner Peter Huntley. The investigation was at an impasse.

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Mr. Mercedes season 2
Poster: Mr. Mercedes season 2

After a while, Bill retires, but this terrible crime does not give him rest. He begins to deal with him independently.

The murderer Brady Hartsville, whom many call Mr. Mercedes, is a typical psychopath who suffered a severe trauma in childhood. He’s smart and cunning. Bill naturally does not know who he is. Brady starts a terrible game with a retired detective, which is not known how it will end.

Mr. Mercedes season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1August 22, 2018
2x02Series 2August 29, 2018
2x03Series 3September 5, 2018
2x04Series 4September 12, 2018
2x05Series 5September 19, 2018
2x06Series 6September 26, 2018
2x07Series 7October 3, 2018
2x08Series 8October 10, 2018
2x09Series 9October 17, 2018
2x10Series 10October 24, 2018
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