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years before retirement, detective Bill Hodges receives a murder case of 16 people, which was committed by an unknown person in a stolen Mercedes. Bill could not find the killer, but his time was up – Hodges was sent on a well-deserved rest, which was granted to him by the state. But the killer showed up, and now does not give Hodges a quiet life…

When will the series “Mr. Mercedes Season 4” come out?

The is based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, published in June 2014. Having received several honorary awards in the world of writing, the book instantly became public. Without thinking twice, the creators of the series signed a contract with Stephen King and got down to business…

As of April 2022, there are still no official statements about the director’s intention to film the sequel to the TV show “Mister Mercedes”. It is believed that season 4 will still be filmed, but when? We are waiting for official data.


Bill Hodges was famous for his inquiring mind, but his age no longer allowed him to stay long in service. Old age sneaks up unnoticed, but nothing can be done about it. When the police received a message about sixteen dead at the job fair, Bill Hodges was still working, and the first to go to the scene.

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Seen forever imprinted in his memory. The bodies of people were literally everywhere, but the most terrible sight was the corpse of a mother with her baby crushed under the wheels of a Mercedes. For 2 years, Bill never managed to get closer to the solution. Nightmares tormented the detective, even when he had already retired.

Having decided that the past needs to be left behind, Bill decides to enjoy the pension. But nevertheless he misses work, although he does not admit it to close people. A call to action is a letter to Hodges from a hacker. He claimed to be a killer on a Mercedes, telling the details of the case, which were not disclosed in the press.

Frame from the series

Bill would not have been so scared if the killer had not mentioned the details of the detective’s personal life, for example, about a turtle named Fred. Hodges quickly realized that he was being watched. Now it’s very difficult to get out – you have to solve the case two years ago by any means. Reluctantly, Bill takes up the matter, since he has no other choice.

But this is far from all that the sophisticated mind of a hater of people is capable of. Soon new strange things happen, but already in the walls of the hospital, in which there is a motionless, on the verge of death, killer. Mercedes is becoming the prime suspect. But how is this possible? How many people will die before the “Mr. Mercedes” goes “”to eternal rest”? Or did someone else appear?..

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Actors and their roles

  • Bill Hodges – a former police detective, is currently retired; Bill is bored, for some time he seizes the melancholy of countless food and drink, but then anonymous internet letters from the killer on Mercedes appear and Hodges comes to life, starting to investigate the crime again – Brendan Gleeson.
  • Brady – a killer on a Mercedes; worked as a salesman in an electrical store; He is fluent in computer skills, able to crack almost any system; subjected to sexual abuse by the mother, but later it turns out that he likes it; pestering Hodges with surveillance and letters – Harry Treadaway.
  • Ida – Bill’s neighbor, tries to take care of him in the manner in which she is used to; Ida invites Bill to dinner, where he tells him about his plans for a sexual relationship with commitment; she is smart, courageous, tries to restrain her own emotions more often – Holland Taylor.

Interesting Facts

  1. The first season was released on August 9, 2017 and immediately earned special attention. Firstly, the series was written off from the book of the great King of Horrors, and secondly, an exciting story with the best actors was presented easily, and at the same time scary. Several directors worked on the project at once: some were responsible for the scenes of the explosions, others for the dramatic moments.
  2. None of the previous seasons can be called less successful, since they all start with the same rating. Each series is watched by more than 4 million people, which is considered an excellent indicator for a series of similar subjects. Critics note the high level of acting, but they notice some disadvantages in the director’s work.
  3. It’s hard for Brendan Gleeson to keep himself at one weight. Therefore, after the release of the season 1, when the directors noticed his sharp weight loss, it was decided to sign an additional agreement to the contract. It says that Brendon has no right to lose weight until it becomes possible.
  4. Harry Treadaway visited the psychiatric clinic for a week, where he monitored patients. This was necessary so that Treadaway could easily get used to the image of a person suffering from mental disorders. The idea turned out to be successful – from the first minutes of the appearance of his character on the screen, it becomes clear that the guy has problems with his head.
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Mr. Mercedes Season 4: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1not announced
4x02Series 2not announced
4x03Series 3not announced
4x04Series 4not announced
4x05Series 5not announced
4x06Series 6not announced
4x07Series 7not announced
4x08Series 8not announced
4x09Series 9not announced
4x10Series 10not announced

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