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Kamala Khan, unlike her parents, never felt drawn to religion. Mother and father urged the girl not to forget about Pakistani roots, even if their family had been living in America for a long time. But how can you explain to a 14-year-old teenager why all the children can go to the most exciting superhero event of the year, but young Kamala is not? Especially when you are the most devoted fan of Marvel!..

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“Ms. Marvel ss 2”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the fantasy TV show “Ms. Marvel” will not be seen by viewers, since this project was created with the aim of introducing the character into the feature film “The Marvels”, planned for release in 2023.


With the idea of ​​making the most realistic costume for the upcoming AvengerCon, Kamala spends her days in her room. Her friend Bruno Carrelli shares this passion, especially since this event is of a huge scale. While the guy is actively introducing the invented electronics into his life and into the life of Kamala’s parents, the girl comes up with a way to leave home for the night, because this is forbidden by religion.

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Parents are from Pakistan, and faith in God solves many everyday issues for them. When matters concern the eldest son, they do not express concern. But when it comes to Kamala, who grew up among American children, parents have to use any methods. Having tried all the levers of influence, the girl understands that she cannot go to the event.

At this time, the mother brings a box of things left over from her grandmother. While sorting through old junk, young Kamala finds a chic bangle, which she later takes for herself. The mother was not on the best of terms with her grandmother, because the old woman lived in her dreams and did not care about the reputation of a family woman, which is a priority for a Muslim person.

Frame from the TV show

The day before AvengerCon, Bruno helps come up with a plan, and an overjoyed fan takes along not only a tailored suit, but also a bracelet. Hiding her nightly adventures from her parents, Kamala heads to AvengerCon and slips on her grandmother’s bangle before going on stage. Feeling incredible strength in herself, right on the stage she begins to surprise — her body stretches to an incredible size!

Enthusiastic viewers perceive this as an inexplicable trick, and only the girl understands that the bracelet gives her strength. Realizing that her grandmother’s past can tell her a lot, Kamala turns to her parents for answers. But how to establish contact with them after she undermined their trust? The mother quickly guessed that the girl would go against the grain and would not forgive such a betrayal.

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Actors and their roles

  • Kamala — a young, active schoolgirl who does not follow the faith of her parents; is fond of comics, is a devoted fan of Captain Marvel; dreamy, believes that the world can be changed for the better; does not want to agree with the judgments of her father and mother, who say that the main thing in life is to be a good wife — Iman Vellani.
  • Bruno — a friend of Kamala; understands electronics; went to a superhero party in the costume of scientist Bruce Banner, because he considers him his idol; creates small electrical inventions that can make life more convenient; on good terms with Kamala’s parents — Matt Lintz.
  • Muneeba — Kamala’s mother; sincerely worries about her daughter, believing that it is time for her to come to her senses and move away from childhood hobbies for superheroes; tries to combine her daughter’s American life with Muslim traditions, and if it doesn’t work out, she calls the girl to obedience; offended when Kamala goes to the night AvengerCon despite the bans — Zenobia Shroff.
  • Yusuf — the good-natured father of Kamala; adores her, ready to indulge in everything, but adamant in matters of faith; decides to go to Comic-Con with her and even forces his wife to sew paired costumes for them, but after Kamala’s incorrect refusal, he himself forbids her to leave the house; loves Bruno’s inventions and is their active user — Mohan Kapur.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Trying to make the picture convenient for all minorities, nations and others, the creators made the main character not only a girl from a little-known state with a peculiar religion, but also a lesbian.
  2. Kamala Khan’s character first appeared in August 2013 in Captain Marvel #14. According to its author G. Willow Wilson, this should have been an absolute failure, since everyone knows that the superhero industry is hard on the introduction of new heroes, especially if they are female and even from among sexual minorities. Despite the fears, the comic was a success, as a result, a few years later, fans saw a separate 6-episode film “Ms. Marvel”.
  3. The TV series “Ms. Marvel” has been rated TV-PG, which is classified as a TV program containing content that parents may find inappropriate for their young children. The TV show is streaming on Disney+.

Ms. Marvel Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced
2x06Series 6not announced

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