Murder Mystery 2


The magnificent cast, represented by the fascinating Jennifer Aniston and the inimitable Adam Sandler, headed by director Kyle Newachek, prepared a real bomb for the viewer, which exploded from television screens in the summer of 2019. Romantic comedy with elements of the chase, the search for the killer – that is so fond of fans of this genre. It definitely won’t be boring!

Genre – comedy detective.
The film premiered on June 14, 2019 by Netflix.

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When will the “Murder Mystery 2” come out?

Despite the fact that the part 1 of the film “Murder Mystery” received mixed reviews from viewers and film critics, the creators took up its continuation. It is known that the shooting of the part 2 of the picture took place from January to April 2022. The premiere is scheduled for February 10, 2023. 

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler have established themselves as an excellent team that can bring inevitable popularity to films with their participation. Isn’t director Kyle Newacheck taking advantage of this?

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Nick and Audrey have been legally married for 15 years. To celebrate their wedding anniversary, the couple travels to Europe. On board the plane, Audrey meets the aristocrat Charles, who, during a sweet conversation, invites the spouses to take a vacation on the yacht of his uncle-billionaire.

The rest promises to be unforgettable: celebrities, intellectuals, relatives and friends of Charles and his uncle … The event that brought together the English society is Uncle Charles’s upcoming wedding, actually, on his nephew’s former bride. Americans Audrey and Nick, to put it mildly, feel ill at ease. That is why at the moment when the unexpected murder of the owner of the yacht occurs, it is our heroes who are the first to fall under suspicion.

Frame from the film

Spitz couple does nothing to do, how to try to justify himself, and then… rush into a run. The situation is not simple, but only an adventurer and detective lover Audrey rushes headlong into the investigation of the murder. They will succeed, because her partner is her beloved husband and, concurrently, the police officer and “detective”.

The movie “Murder Mystery” broke records in the number of views. This can mean one thing – the adventures of the beloved American heroes will not end…

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Actors and roles

  • Nick Spitz – an ordinary policeman of New York, who “had the honor” to be at the epicenter of the events unfolding around the murder on a yacht; now he and his wife Audrey – the main suspects – Adam Sandler.
  • Audrey Spitz – Nick’s wife, a hairdresser, an adventurer, loves detective stories, so rushes into the investigation of the murder with his head – Jennifer Aniston.
  • Charles – an English aristocrat who meets Audrey on board; invites Nick and Audrey to spend time on his uncle’s luxury yacht – Luke Evans.
  • Malcolm Quince – Charles’s uncle, a billionaire; arranges a party on his luxury yacht in honor of the upcoming wedding with a young lover; was found dead his own dagger – Terence Stamp.

Interesting Facts

  1. The picture “Murder Mystery” has broken all records of the service Netflix, becoming the absolute record for the number of views over the weekend – more than 30 million viewers. In this case, the share of the United States and Canada accounted for 13 million, while the rest of the world – 17 million viewers.
  2. After the release of the film “Just Go with It”, where Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston were partners, the actors have long been waiting for a new project with the opportunity to work together again. Recall that the picture “Just Go with It”, released on screens in 2011, collected nearly $ 215 million for hire with a budget of $ 80 million.
  3. Adam Sandler very often participated in the works of Netflix. So, the picture “Murder Mystery” was their sixth joint project. According to the contract concluded between the company Netflix and Adam Sandler, the actor will be removed in 4 scenes.
  4. Filming began in June 2018 in Montreal. Then the whole group moved to gorgeous Italy: Santa Margherita Ligure, Lake Como, Milan.
  5. Initially, the main role adventurer Audrey Spitz was supposed to play the actress Charlize Theron. She even signed a contract. But due to some unpleasant circumstances, the main role in the end went to Jennifer Aniston.
  6. Despite the huge number of views, critics generally low rated the plot line of the picture. But this does not prevent the viewer from enjoying the beautiful acting game of their favorite characters, especially against the backdrop of magnificent Italy.
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Murder Mystery 2: release date

NumberRelease date
Murder Mystery 2February 10, 2023

Murder Mystery | Trailer | Netflix

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