Narcos season 4/Narcos: Mexico

This is a criminal series, the first season of which was released in 2015. The picture tells of a certain Pablo Emilio Escobar, who was born in a poor family and grew up in a dysfunctional area.

The creators did not name the exact release date of the new season. However, it has repeatedly been reported that it is necessary to expect the continuation of the history of Escobar on November 16, 2018. It should be noted that, starting from the season 4, the name of the painting is “reborn” in “Narco: Mexico”.

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It is known that in the new season there will be 10 episodes, and the audience will see unexpected plot twists and new characters.

What ended the series, what will be in the sequel

As expected, the guy decided to embark on a criminal path and engaged in various illegal activities. Over the years, the authority of Escobar has grown significantly, and now it is known as one of the strongest, most powerful and violent criminal authorities of the city.

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Narcos season 4

One day, Escobar decides to leave raids and looting and proceeds to conduct its own drug business. At first he acts only as an intermediary and helps to transport drugs to America. The more his authority grows in this area, the more he realizes that he can independently engage in this business and even capture the entire drug market.

To this end, he decides to destroy his competitors by publicly shooting them. Of course, this could not but draw the attention of the authorities. One of the police officers decides to personally eliminate Escobar and arranges a real war, which leads to huge casualties.

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The second season continues the history of Escobar. Now he plans to take revenge on his enemies and is ready to go to the most brutal and bloody measures.

Interesting Facts

This project is a worthy example of this criminal series. There are practically no complicated plot outlines here, and the whole narrative is built exclusively around the main character.

The series is characterized by excessive cruelty, which makes it sufficiently natural and believable. Here is a true criminal reality, without any embellishments.

Narcos season 4

This project has many fans around the world. And it’s no accident. The show turned out to be quite serious and constantly keeps the viewer in suspense.

From the very first series it is almost impossible to break away, as the narrative is not only dynamic, but also as intriguing as possible. In the series there are no unjustified or stupid plot twists, and the characters clearly perform the tasks set and think through each step without relying on luck.

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Separately, it should be said about the most important character. Despite the fact that he is a negative hero, in some surprising way, he has a spectator.

The fact is that Escobar does not just achieve the set goals, he uses the maximum of cunning and cunning, completely denying any human feelings and emotions. Such a character involuntarily amazes with its strength and power.

Narcos season 4 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1November 16, 2018
4x02Series 2November 23, 2018
4x03Series 3November 30, 2018
4x04Series 4December 7, 2018
4x05Series 5December 14, 2018
4x06Series 6December 21, 2018
4x07Series 7December 28, 2018
4x08Series 8January 4, 2019
4x09Series 9January 11, 2019
4x10Series 10January 18, 2019

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