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As a lover of adventure, Ben Franklin Gates wholeheartedly supports the preservation of relics and the transfer of valuable artifacts to the authorities. When he learns the legend of unthinkable ancient treasures, he immediately rushes to find, because like no other, Ben knows that such a relic will be hunted by dishonest people.

When will the movie “National Treasure 4” come out?

Despite the numerous difficulties that the creators of the project faced during the filming of the third part of the film, information was leaked to the media that “National Treasure 4” may still be released on screens. We need to look at this fact realistically – if this happens, then not earlier than 2023. Such data do not frighten fans of the adventure stories of the protagonist. After all, the main thing is the result, but we can wait…


Thanks to a special feeling, Ben Gates is always at the right time in the right place. The information about the treasure, connected with the great founders of the American political state Franklin, Jefferson and Washington, did not give the seeker peace.

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To unravel the exact location of the treasure, one of the most serious books in US history is required – the Declaration of Independence. It is she who contains the clue. Going to search, Gates gathers a team, develops a plan, but the situation immediately goes out of control. Not everyone who he decided to rely on is burning with the idea of ​​giving wealth to his native country.

The whereabouts of the mysterious treasure are learned by amateurs and now, in addition to gathering information in order to understand the puzzle, Ben also has to defend his right to appropriation of property. The man is clearly convinced that the relics should be transferred to the authorities. Otherwise, many years ago, with the help of collected artifacts, he himself could be rich.

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For many years studying history, Gates never appropriated to himself the treasures belonging to the country and did not consider such riches as personal property. In the fourth part of the adventure, the protagonist will be overwhelmed with a head and he will fully feel himself a true public figure.

Shot from the movie

Actors and their roles

  • Currently, information about the cast is not disclosed. Since all parts of the movie are closely related to each other, it is likely that the former composition will return to the project. Details can be found closer to the release date of the 4th part.
  • Nicolas Cage previously played Ben Gates, Diane Kruger performed as Abigail Chase, John Voight played Ben’s own father and Justin Barta played the role of Riley Poole.

Interesting Facts

  1. With the third part, it was decided to take on the role of screenwriters Carlo Bernard and Daga Miro. In recent years, both men have distinguished themselves by their skillful historical works, one of which was “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”. Inspired by the idea of ​​historical times, they helped the movie “National Treasure” to have an even more exciting scenario.
  2. The production will also be dealt with by John Terteltaub, who is an invariable member of the team from the first part of the movie.
  3. The premiere show of the first part took place in 2004, collecting more than 340 million dollars. Having large intervals between parts, the picture lasts to this day and constantly extends its existence.
  4. The sequel, released on wide screens in 2007, grossed $ 450 million at the box office and made Nicolas Cage the highest-paid actor in Hollywood. The actor retained this position for another 3 years.
  5. Earlier, Nicolas Cage performed the main role in the movie “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. On set, he met Doug Miro and Karl Bernard, who soon joined the composition of the movie “National Treasure”.
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National Treasure 4: release date

NameRelease date
National Treasure 42023

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