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“Natsume’s Book of Friends season 7” is an anime series based on the same manga by Yuki Midorikawa, which has been published in the magazine LaLa for more than 17 years (since 2005). Up to 2018 there are six full seasons, two series of OVA format and several special series for each of the six seasons.


In 2017, it was officially announced that in 2018 a full-length film will be released in the universe “Natsume’s Friendship Notebook”. The exact release date of the film The Book of Natsume’s Friends about the film: tied to a temporary world – September 29, 2018.

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Despite the fact that the “Natsume’s Book of Friends season 7” has not been officially released or announced, the author of the original (the manga creator) does not plan to finish the manga and is preparing for the subsequent screen versions. Fortunately, there is where to continue: the number of volumes has long exceeded 25. And this is clearly not the limit!

As of June 2022, season 7 of the anime “Natsume’s Book of Friends” has not been announced. We continue to follow the news.

Story line

Takashi Natsume is a Japanese high school student who has an unusual power. He is able to see incredible creatures: youkai (Japanese demons with different abilities, both dangerous and not causing fear), spirits, ghosts, deities. Because of this misfortune, since childhood, the boy was considered strange and constantly eschewed: well, how can you positively perceive a child who talks with emptiness or all the time looking at the same point? ..
Natsume, who lost his parents even in his childhood, lives in the house of Fujiwara’s family. In the same locality his late grandmother Reiko once lived for a long time, from which he received his difficult gift to see the invisible. The demonic creatures of the surrounding territories begin to attack Natsume every now and then, and he constantly has to hide in the temple.Book-of-Friends-season-7
What’s going on? In fact, the youkai accept Natsume for his grandmother Reiko (probably the Japanese supernatural beings have special problems with the perception of sex, time and space) and they want to give them some “Book of Friends”.
Soon, another hero, youkai Madara, joins the narration of the anime, which is purely accidentally released from a long imprisonment. He takes on the appearance of a plump cat, calling himself Nyanko-sensei, and explains Natsume details. It turns out that the grandmother Natsume once defeated many creatures, and then created a “Book of Friends” in which the defeated youkai recorded their names (as they became her servants). And now the one who has the cherished “Book of Friends” in his hands will become the master of a bunch of various demons and otherworldly creatures!

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The book of Grandmother Reiko has long been stored in an old chest. Madara asks to give it to her, but Natsume is adamant: he not only does not plan to give someone such a sacred grandmother artifact, he himself is not going to use the power given to him. All he wants now is to return yokayam their names, and for this he unites with Nyanko-Sensei (for in the case of establishing interspecific ties, someone’s supernatural mediation is simply necessary!), Promising that after Takashi’s death the “Book of Friends” will get Madara.
So the life of Takashi begins to go its own special way: the longer it interacts with beings, the more it begins to realize that people and demons are very similar … Here then start an exciting adventure!

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Main characters

  • Takashi Natsume is a lean, blond senior high school student. Has the ability to see youkai. Closed and quiet. He hides his abilities, because they frighten people. By nature very kind and caring. I am always ready to rush to the aid of both people and beings. Hyperluminal, therefore very worried about the future of the notebook.
  • Madara is a powerful youkai. The true shape is a giant white wolf capable of flying with a long fluffy tail. As a rule, takes the form of a cat – fat and clumsy. Lazy, but quite curious. Likes to make fun of others. Takashi scolds for excessive kindness, he himself does not mind to argue with him. Abuses sake.
  • Reiko Natsume is the grandmother of Takashi, the creator of the Friendship Notebook. Died young.
  • Kaname Takuma – in appearance an unfriendly guy, but really kind. The son of the rector of the Shinto temple. Can feel the presence of strong spirits, but can not see. He wants to help Natsume with the youkai, but he worries that he does not have any use for him because of his weak forces.
  • Shuichi Natori is a famous actor, an exorcist, able to see spirits. He has a birthmark on his body, creeping from place to place, but never for some reason creeping on his right leg. Constantly lies. He hates youkai. Uses perfume for work. Some of them are cruel enough.
  • Seiji Matoba is an exorcist who sacrifices innocent spirits to achieve his goals. He does not touch people, but he does not stand on ceremony with spirits. Armed with a bow and arrows, which he uses to eliminate the youkai. He wears a bandage with a spell on his eye. Suggests Takashi to join the clan of Matoba.

Interesting Facts

  1. Manga “Natsume’s Book of Friends” in 2008 won the award and the Manga Taisho Award.
  2. The name of each new season in its name has a hieroglyph. It denotes the figure (sequence of the season), but it is not written in modern Japanese, but according to the ancient form of recording.
  3. In various amateur translations, voiceovers and subtitles, the adapted name of Nyanko-sensei sounds differently: “Puzzi-Cat”, “Cat-sensei”, “Shaggy pillow”, “Moustached muzzle”, “Fur pie”, “Meow-Meow-sensei “,” Furry “,” Kitty wise “,” Kitty-ball “,” Pie with a tail “,” Cat-Rounded “.
  4. It is interesting that in the original manga Takashi Natsume – ashy blond (this is his image on the covers and color pages by the author himself), but in the anime the hero has sandy-hued hair.
  5. Few people know, but the author of the manga “Natsume’s Book of Friends” Yuki Midorikava – the creator of another masterpiece: in 2011, was screened the story of one of her collection “Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light” (“Hotarubi no Mori e”).

Natsume's book of friends season 7: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
7x01Series 1not announced
7x02Series 2not announced
7x03Series 3not announced
7x04Series 4not announced
7x05Series 5not announced
7x06Series 6not announced
7x07Series 7not announced
7x08Series 8not announced
7x09Series 9not announced
7x10Series 10not announced

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