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American serial “NCIS» tells us about the hard work of specialists of the criminal investigation service under the Ministry of the Navy. Since the premiere of the series took place in the distant 2003 and the show continues to this day, it has already won the hearts of millions of viewers. That’s why, on the basis of the series, two others were released: “NCIS: Los Angeles” with the premiere on April 28, 2009 and “NCIS: New Orleans” with the premiere on September 23, 2014.

Genre – detective, drama, crime.
Total seasons (on January 1, 2018) – 15.
The number of episodes is 341.
Timing of the series – 44 minutes.

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Filming will begin in late 2018, and the approximate date of the premiere on TV – September 25, 2018.

The plot of the series

Investigation of various crimes associated with the Marine Corps requires maximum thoroughness in the work, caution, because life can be put at stake, either as a special agent or as a military man. All this is entrusted to the department of special agent Gibbs. In this dangerous and very serious case, he is assisted by: special agent Di Nozzo, forensic expert and criminalist Abby Scuto, pathologist with a long record of work, David McCallum and computer genius McDi. Throughout the series, they have to find strangers among their own, dig through the dirty past of military leaders, punish those responsible and protect the victims. In this work there is no place for weak-minded people. Only professionals work here, with full dedication and a cold head.

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“NCIS” 16 season

The creators of the series are not going to stop, and intend to begin shooting the 16th season already at the end of 2018. During the show of all seasons, the demand for the series is not in doubt, and inexhaustible criminal acts always give food to filmmakers and screenwriters.

Main characters

  1. Leroy Jethro Gibbs (actor Mark Harmon) is the chief special agent of the department for combating maritime crime.
  2. Anthony Di Nozzo (actor Michael Weatherley) – special agent of the department, right hand of Gibbs, detective in the past.
  3. Abby Scooto (actress Paulie Perrett) – forensic expert, forensic scientist.
  4. Dr. Donald Mallard (actor David McCallum) is a pathologist.
  5. Timothy McGee (actor Sean Murray) – special department, computer genius.
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Interesting Facts

  • Actor Mark Harmon (role of Gibbs) in 1986 according to People magazine became the sexiest man of the year.
  • In 1996, actor Mark Harmon saved the lives of two teenagers, who could not get out of their own ignited car. Fortunately for them, it happened at the house of Hermon.
  • The father of actor Michael Weatherley (the role of Anthony Di Nozzo) is a millionaire who has grown rich on the import of Swiss army knives in the US. Michael Weatherley – the youngest son of a millionaire, the 6th in a row.
  • The 8th season of the series (series 17) is the directorial debut of actor Michael Weatherley.
  • Actress Paulie Perrett (the role of Abby Skewo) is known as a poetess, photographer and singer. She also holds a master’s degree in criminology, which she received long before the work on the series.
  • Actor Sean Murray (role of Timothy McGee) is the stepson of Donald Bellisario, who is the producer of the series “NCIS “, some stepbrothers and sisters of Sean are also involved in the creation of this series.
  • The department for the investigation of criminal crimes, led by Gibbs, the audience first saw in another series – “Military and Legal Service”, in the 8th season in the 20th and 21st series. After that, it was decided to create a separate series “NCIS “with the team of this department.

    NCIS season 16 release date

    NumberSeries titleRelease date
    16x01Series 1Sep 25, 2018
    16x02Series 2Oct 2, 2018
    16x03Series 3Oct 9, 2018
    16x04Series 4Oct 16, 2018
    16x05Series 5Oct 23, 2018
    16x06Series 6Oct 30, 2018
    16x07Series 7Nov 6, 2018
    16x08Series 8Nov 13, 2018
    16x09Series 9Nov 20, 2018
    16x10Series 10Nov 27, 2018
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