New Amsterdam Season 3


Max Goodwin always had an endless supply of kindness towards people. Therefore, when the time came to choose a profession, he went to a medical institute to later be in the ranks of doctors. Over the years, he managed to rise to the position of the head physician, and only at the New Amsterdam Medical Center did Max understand the true essence of people calling themselves doctors…

When will the series “New Amsterdam Season 3” be released?

The continuation of the medical drama New Amsterdam will appear on NBC in September 2020. Series of medical subjects have gained great popularity in the modern world, so the creators expected the success of the “New Amsterdam”.

The image of Max Goodwin, as a defender of the disadvantaged, a kind of Robin Hood, attracted the audience. And now we look forward to the next season, where we again find out his next secrets.


Max lost his sister Luna when she was barely 8 years old. The girl caught an infection in the walls of New Amsterdam Medical Center and from there she did not return home. In adulthood, Max got the right to manage this hospital. Although her reputation was horrific, Goodwin was sure that there was still a way out.

On his first working day, he fired all cardiac surgery employees, as they profited from patients. There was only one person left from this department – doctor Floyd Reynolds, who had a separate mindset from other heart surgeons and fit the description of a “good doctor”.

Problems with financing, lack of money for basic drugs, lack of professionals – all this affected the authority of the Center. Max had to raise the status of the Center, because the rest of the medical institutions laughed at him, considering the venture with the resumption of well-coordinated work in “New Amsterdam” unrealistic and meaningless.

Frame from the series

Nevertheless, Goodwin was able to prove to others that kindness is indeed capable of saving lives. Having assembled a team of professionals, he was able to cope with temporary difficulties and gradually began to solve the problems of the hospital. Only courage and perseverance helped the head physician achieve an unshakable reputation for his own hospital in the eyes of patients.

Goodwin hid for some time that he was sick, but in the second season, the audience saw how much the disease progressed. Dr. Lauren Bloom, whose opinions coincided with Floyd and Max, greatly assisted him in the treatment. But not always our desires coincide with the possibilities. Can Max defeat his ailment? What is the relationship with Lauren? Will Floyd achieve his goal? What awaits the “New Amsterdam Medical Center”?..

Actors and their roles

  • Max Goodwin – doctor at the New Amsterdam; expects from its employees a humane attitude towards patients; kind and calm; Max is married, he has a daughter; under the influence of the death of the little sister named daughter Luna; suffers from cancer of the larynx, which is considered a deadly disease; for his Medical Center he selects only the best specialists – Ryan Eggold.
  • Lauren Bloom – works at New Amsterdam; forced to work with the most advanced cases, up to patients with ebola; active and courageous; she is in love with Floyd, but the guy has other plans for the future, although he does not hide his sympathy for her; Lauren is friends with Max and is one of his favorites – Janet Montgomery.
  • Floyd Reynolds – at the request of Lauren Max left him in the hospital, promoted and ordered to assemble a team of experienced cardiac surgeons; Floyd is in love with Bloom, but the desire to meet a black woman and give birth to African-American children is stronger – Jocko Sims.

Interesting Facts

  1. The first season was released on September 25, 2018 and half of the audience of the series “Grey’s Anatomy” switched to the novelty. The series “New Amsterdam” is currently ranked 2nd among the projects of the NBC television channel. On the first line of the series “Manifest”, which also came out in 2018.
  2. At the time of filming of the season, Ryan Eggold was really ill, having caught a dangerous disease on vacation and was undergoing complex treatment at a Los Angeles hospital. Despite the difficulties with his health, Ryan was able to let the series and the film crew finish the work on time. It is still unknown what exactly happened to the actor.
  3. Jocko Sims is not only a talented actor, but also a music performer. On iTunes, there is his song “Head Up”, which has long been in the TOP. In real life, Jocko also prefers African-Americans to ordinary white girls. Joko hopes his children will be black, as he is.
  4. Janet Montgomery before the release of the series entered the emergency courses for emergency care, so she was able to earn one of the main roles. Some actors even turned to her for advice, and Janet easily told how to do artificial respiration, implant tubes in a person and give injections.

New Amsterdam Season 3: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1September 2020
3x02Series 2September 2020
3x03Series 3September 2020
3x04Series 4September 2020
3x05Series 5September 2020
3x06Series 6September 2020
3x07Series 7September 2020
3x08Series 8September 2020
3x09Series 9September 2020
3x10Series 10September 2020

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