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An inexhaustible resource of kindness and patience led Max Goodwin to the walls of New Amsterdam Hospital. He set out to fundamentally change this place with a nightmare reputation, since personal motives did not allow him to remain on the sidelines. For most of his life, he lived one dream of helping people with all his dedication someday. And now, now he can realize his plans…

“New Amsterdam ss 4”: release date, announcement

In January 2020, following the release of Season 3 of the TV series, NBC chief executive Paul Telegdy announced the order for three more seasons. Then it became known that the continuation of the “New Amsterdam” show will appear on September 21, 2021. At least, the creators of the project have such plans.


As a boy, Max Goodwin witnessed the death of his sister Luna, who was only 8 years old. Heartbroken, he decides to help people and find a cure for all diseases. As an adult, Max understands that dreams are not destined to come true, but he has everything in his hands so that people can receive full and high-quality treatment.

So fate brings him to New Amsterdam, where doctors could not help Luna decades ago. Max becomes the chief physician of this hospital and from the very first day fires everyone who, in his opinion, has no idea about their profession. Those who understand that the old order no longer works here are leaving on their own.

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Determined to change the city’s opinion of the hospital, Goodwin gets to work. He closely monitors each branch leader and draws conclusions. Many colleagues cannot understand why the new chief doctor allows himself so much, and Max’s idealistic views hardly allow him to understand the logic of local doctors.

Frame from the TV show

Max had to face a lack of funding, which did not even cover the amount for the necessary drugs. Putting all his knowledge into practice, he himself tries to negotiate with sponsors. During season 1, Max established relationships with colleagues, monitored the condition of his pregnant wife. And the guy completely forgot about himself.

Goodwin did not dwell on his own diagnosis, but the cancer was not going to recede. While Max was saving other people’s lives, his own life slowly fell into decay. After waiting for his daughter’s birth in season 2, he began to slowly tidy himself up. Experimental treatments have helped temporarily, but there is still a long way to go.

At the end of Season 3, many hospitals admitted that New Amsterdam was losing its reputation as the worst hospital and the fault of the head physician who would never back down in the face of danger. What will be the next obstacle to success? How will the future fate of the sick doctor develop? Where will his infinite kindness lead?

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Actors and their roles

  • Max Goodwin – Chief Physician of New Amsterdam; is confident in his actions, although after their accomplishment he may succumb to criticism; loves his family very much, waited with trepidation for the appearance of his daughter, giving her the name as his deceased sister; widower; without a shadow of a doubt breaks up unsuccessful contracts with pharmaceutical companies and always knows what to do – Ryan Eggold.
  • Lauren Bloom – Head of the Emergency Department; suffered from low attention syndrome and for some time tried to heal on her own, but when she realized that this was not helping, she continued to get rid of the disease in a rehabilitation center – Janet Montgomery.
  • Floyd Reynolds – Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery; a unique person who perfectly knows the field of work; long had a tough working relationship with a self-confident intern who threatens to take Floyd’s place – Jocko Sims.
  • Georgia – Max’s wife; after giving birth, she and her husband were able to get to the hospital, but died from severe blood loss – Lisa O’Hare.

Interesting Facts

  1. Aggregator sites Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic give each season a mediocre rating. This medical drama has been criticized by critics. But the viewers have their own opinion – watching one episode keeps from 3 to 5 million people around the world near the screens.
  2. The first cast members to be confirmed were Jocko Sims, Tyler Labine, Anupam Kher, Freema Agyeman, Janet Montgomery, and Ryan Eggold. These actors are invited. The rest passed the casting without fail. Instead of a personal meeting, they sent a video with a speech preparation to the mail.
  3. The show is broadcast by NBC, which many viewers love for its programs such as “Nightly News”, “Meet the Press”, “Early Toda”, as well as the TV series “Santa Barbara” and “Days of Our Lives”, which has been released since 8 November 1965 to this day, and is considered the third longest series in the world.
  4. Ryan Eggold’s fee for one episode on the “New Amsterdam” show is less than for “Dirt” one, in which he played from 2007 to 2008. And while the wages of the actors are growing, the creators of the TV series “New Amsterdam” do not hesitate to put low price tags on the actors. With a small amount of funding, the producers decided to spend most of it on plot and production.
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New Amsterdam Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1September 21, 2021
4x02Series 2September 28, 2021
4x03Series 3October 5, 2021
4x04Series 4October 12, 2021
4x05Series 5October 19, 2021
4x06Series 6October 26, 2021
4x07Series 7November 2, 2021
4x08Series 8November 9, 2021

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