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New Amsterdam is a hospital where anyone can get help. But due to corrupt officials, this is gradually becoming impossible. To remedy the situation, Max Goodwin takes a job. He is a gifted doctor and immediately stands out from the rest. But when a man tries to change the system for the better, everything starts to fall apart…

“New Amsterdam ss 5”: release date, announcement

Although no official release date has been announced for Season 5 of the TV series “New Amsterdam”, viewers expect to see a sequel in September 2022. After all, the premiere of the new season in September has already become a good tradition.

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p.s. Officially: the premiere of the season 5 of the TV show “New Amsterdam” is scheduled for September 20, 2022! Recall that the season 5 will be the final one.


Since childhood, Max Goodwin dreamed of becoming a doctor. So the death of his sister, who did not survive cancer and died at the age of 8, affected him. As an adult, he studies to become a doctor and tries to approach treatment issues fairly: he does not indulge himself or his colleagues. When Max manages to get to New Amsterdam for a leadership position, he understands that there is a lot of work here.

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The hospital has long lost its reputation and is known as one of the worst hospitals in the city. To fix this, he fires most of the staff, cuts staff to a minimum, and then tests the knowledge of everyone else. Angry colleagues try to complain, but in vain. Many leave on their own, because they understand that they do not meet the high requirements of the new leader.

In Season 1, Goodwin was just setting up a well-coordinated work. Once his pregnant wife Georgia went to the hospital, but did not have time to see the child born – the woman died from great blood loss. And although Max was lost, he understood that he needed to be constantly with his daughter. Time goes by very quickly. Forgetting his own needs, Goodwin completely forgot that he too needs treatment.

Frame from the TV show

The season 2 of the series focused on Goodwin’s illness, which nevertheless receded. The doctor has a crush in the form of Helen Sharpe. They met when Goodwin became director of the hospital, and Sharpe drove around in an expensive car in search of sponsors. Considering the girl too smart for social activities, he advised her to work only in a hospital.

Thanks to the professionalism of his remaining colleagues, Goodwin was able to improve his health with experimental treatment for a short time. In Season 3, a sudden outbreak of a new virus hit the hospital. The buildings are overcrowded, people are terrified, including Max. How to proceed? Help people or stay close to his daughter, who also needs protection and care?

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In season 4, Goodwin wants to sort out the relationship with Helen to the end, but both are busy and they have no chance of a cloudless future. Having rummaged a little in themselves, both understand that there is still a chance. And in the season 5, the viewers will face a new struggle between the best doctors who divide patients and try to satisfy their own ambitions…

Actors and their roles

  1. Max Goodwin — an experienced physician; the head of the New Amsterdam hospital; conservative; opposes old methods of treatment; kind to people; suffers from cancer, but periodically dulls the pain with well-known methods of treatment; lost his wife, who died in childbirth; became the father of a beautiful daughter; now in love with a colleague — Ryan Eggold.
  2. Floyd Reynolds — Cardiac Surgeon, Head of Department; on the first day of Goodwin’s work, he was fired, but later, when Max realized how good Floyd was, he invited him to work together; to this day, the work of Reynolds is undeniable — Jocko Sims.
  3. Helen Sharpe — an excellent specialist in the field of oncology; initially took part in various activities that could bring profit to the hospital, but at the insistence of Goodwin she began to devote more time to medical practice; saved thousands of lives from death — Freema Agyeman.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Season 4 was to be the third one. But since the coronavirus was the most pressing problem at the time, the script was rewritten and a new filming process was launched. Both seasons were simply reversed, some moments had to be re-filmed, since there were inconsistencies in time.
  2. The series is based on Eric Manheimer’s book “Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital”. The author of the book was a doctor and director at a New York hospital, so there was more than enough material to write the book. Therefore, the series “New Amsterdam” is rightfully considered a TV show based on real events.
  3. NBC producer Paul Telegdy at a press conference officially announced that his team is seriously considering creating a spin-off of the series “New Amsterdam”. According to him, there is something to develop further here. Currently, no development of side projects is underway, everything remains at the level of conversations. Most likely, producers will get down to business more closely in 2022.

New Amsterdam Season 5: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1September 20, 2022
5x02Series 2September 27, 2022
5x03Series 3October 4, 2022
5x04Series 4October 11, 2022
5x05Series 5October 18, 2022
5x06Series 6October 25, 2022
5x07Series 7November 1, 2022
5x08Series 8November 8, 2022
5x09Series 9November 15, 2022
5x10Series 10November 22, 2022

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