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An optimistic primary school teacher named Jessica gets into an unpleasant situation, after which she is forced to leave her habitual home and go in search of a new place of residence.

When will the “New Girl Season 8” come out?

Continuation of the sitcom “New Girl” will not be shown on TV, because the seventh season was the last. Seven years the series kept at the peak of popularity, but even the most interesting stories come to an end.

Recall that the final series of the picture was shown May 15, 2018.


Jessica always found a way out of any, even the most nightmarish situation. And now, when she came to the apartment where she lived with her boyfriend and caught him in the arms of another girl, she collects things and leaves.

It is not necessary to wait long for inspiration – in one of the newspapers she saw an announcement about the delivery of housing and hurried to resolve pressing issues. Upon arrival in a new apartment, she discovers that her neighbors are three guys. But it is not necessary to choose and young people start to live together.

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The first 2 seasons talked about the difficult relationship between Jess and the guys, then the viewers were so fond of the cheerful four that the scriptwriters of the series had to create new turns of the story so that each of the characters could be revealed on the screen.

Shot from the series

One of the trio of neighbors was able to achieve the location of Jess and build a relationship with her. This was the peak of the glory of the series, because to the usual 11 million viewers, 5 more were added.

The last, seventh season was much shorter than the rest – its content was limited to 8 series. Given the seven-year life of the series – it can rightly be called successful.

Actors and their roles

  • Jessica – Zooey Deschanel. Singer and actress. The first time she sang on the screen in the movie “Cool guy”. Then she acted as an actress in TV series “Durman”, “Enchanted Kingdom”, “Bones”. It was voiced by Mary in the serial “Simpsons” cartoon. In the music career, Zooey was also well advanced – her three songs were bought out, like soundtracks.
  • Nick Miller – Jake Johnson. His most outstanding works were roles in the films “Jurassic World”, “Macho and Botan”, “Neighbors on the Warpath”, “Type of cops”, “Mummy”. Was shot in the comedy “More than sex”, along with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman.
  • Sisi Parekh – Hannah Simone. He does not consider himself an actress, since he has other sources of income. The role of Jessica’s best friend in the series “New Girl” became the most extensive of her works. A few years ago she starred in a music video together with Danny Traho.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The pilot series was shown on the “FOX” TV channel on September 20, 2011, gathering 11 million viewers near the screens. According to 2011 – none of the serials of that time could not gather such a huge audience. Throughout the life of the picture, it was broadcast only on this channel.
  2. Zooey Deschanel repeatedly received awards for the performance of the role of Jess. The whole team of the creators of the series did not manage without prizes either.
  3. Ludwig Goransson became the composer of the series. Then he was not famous yet, the glory came to the man after the release of the film “Black Panther”, which was engaged in the company “Marvel”. In this film, such a talented composer as Ludwig could show himself in all its glory.
  4. The first title for the series was “Chicks and Dicks”, but later the writers decided to change it to “New Girl”.
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New Girl Season 8 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
8x01Series 1close
8x02Series 2close
8x03Series 3close
8x04Series 4close
8x05Series 5close
8x06Series 6close
8x07Series 7close
8x08Series 8close
8x09Series 9close
8x10Series 10close

The Sexiest Nick and Jess Moments From New Girl


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