Next of Kin season 2


The British series “Next of Kin” tells about what a person is capable of in order to save the family, to protect from the blow of fate, shame and rumors. After all, the family is our fortress, our protection and support …

Premiere of the series in the UK – January 8, 2018.
Genre – drama, thriller.
Number of seasons – 1.
Number of episodes – 6.
Timing – 43-46 minutes.

When will be released the series “Next of Kin season 2”?

The filmmakers of the movie “Next of Kin” Justin Chadwick and Jamie Childs did not report on the extension of the series for the 2nd season. We hope to see the continuation of the filming.


Moving from Pakistan to London, Mona Harcourt always considered herself a native of England, but she never forgot to honor her traditions and customs. Mona became a great doctor, as did her older brother Karim. All her brothers and sisters had a destiny. They always helped each other. The trouble came, it would seem, unexpectedly.

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The elder brother was to return home to London from a foreign business trip in Pakistan, where he saved lives for sick people for 5 months. The whole family gathered at the festive table: mother, brothers and sisters, nephews, wife and daughter. But instead of the long-awaited relative, the detective comes into the house and informs the unpleasant news: Karim is brutally killed by a terrorist group.

Mona is used to taking care of her loved ones and being responsible for their well-being. But the news of her brother’s death completely knocked her out. Immediately it becomes known that the son of Karim, a student of the prestigious educational institution Danish, disappears. Monet manages to get through to her nephew and she finds out that he is not in Spain on vacation, as many thought, but in Lahore …

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All the troubles have merged, and Mona is giving her strength to save her family and loved ones from the raging suspicions, surveillance, dangers, questions and surreptitious secrets that her family have so carefully concealed for many years … Mona goes to Lahore …

Actors of the Next of Kin series

Actors and roles

  • Archie Panjabi – Mona Harcourt (Shirani), a doctor from Pakistan.
  • Jack Davenport – Guy Harcourt, politician.
  • Mawaan Rizvon – Omar Shirani, Mona’s younger brother.
  • Navin Chowdhry – Karim Shirani, the elder brother of Mona.
  • Vivek Kalra – Danish Shirani, son of Karim.
  • Kiran Sonia Savar – Eni Shirani, Mona’s sister.
  • Shabana Azmi – Mrs. Shirani, mother of Mona, Karim, Omar and Mona.
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3 interesting facts

  1. Actress Archie Punjabi won the Emmy Award for Best Actress in the 2nd Plan in the drama series “Good Wife” (2010).
  2. Archi Punjabi, who has Indian roots, speaks fluent English in different accents.
  3. Actress Kiran Sonia Savar holds a diploma from the Faculty of Marine and Ecological Biology.

Next of Kin season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1no info yet
2x02Series 2no info yet
2x03Series 3no info yet
2x04Series 4no info yet
2x05Series 5no info yet
2x06Series 6no info yet
2x07Series 7no info yet
2x08Series 8no info yet
2x09Series 9no info yet
2x10Series 10no info yet

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