Night at the Museum 4

The first part of the adventure comedy came out in 2006. She narrates about the unusual adventures of a young man who settled down to work as a night watchman in the museum.

The main character is faced with unusual and fabulous things, and the audience still has to enjoy an excellent performance, an excellent acting game and an excellent implementation of the idea.

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Will “Night at the Museum 4” be released?

Fans of the film expect from the creators of comments on this account. Director Sean Levy admitted in an interview that he does not plan to return to work on the film and the project can be officially considered complete.

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Nevertheless, he did exactly the same statement after the second part, and then suddenly took off the third. That’s why loyal fans still hope that Sean will return to work on the script and show the world one more worthy fantasy film.

Night at the Museum 4

Critics on this account of a different opinion. The picture brought enough money to the creators, and it would be wise to put a stop on time. This approach causes more respect and understanding than the pursuit of profit and the creation of low-quality and second-rate films.

Critics reacted to the film rather coldly and did not give special praise. Despite this, many viewers liked this picture. In the reviews, people gladly shared pleasant impressions after watching and said that “Night at the Museum” is the best family comedy that allows you to dive into childhood and create a good mood for a long time.

In this film, pleases both the cast and special effects. In addition, the script worked well enough, all the characters are spelled out, and the viewers do not have any doubts about the naturalness of what is happening, despite the fact that the film is made in the genre of fantasy.

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Reviews and criticism

The second part came out three years later and again pleased fans. This time in the story there were some shortcomings and inconsistencies, but they were not very noticeable. In addition, if you consider that the film positions itself as a comic fantasy, then such shortcomings can be forgiven.

Night at the Museum 4

The third part did not impress the audience, and many already openly talked about the fact that history has long outlived itself. It became clear that the creators filmed the picture solely for financial gain.

In the third part of the action take place in another museum, but this does not introduce any innovation into what is happening.

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The scenario was not as detailed as in the previous parts. The film has many shortcomings and leaves a lot of questions. The only thing that helped to stay at a decent level – this is a great actor’s game of Robin Williams.

Night at the Museum 4 release date

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