Nobunaga teacher’s young bride Season 2 / Nobunaga Sensei no Osanazuma 2


When in life every new day is like the previous one, you do not think that everything can change. The protagonist of the anime “Nobunaga teacher’s young bride”, who has neither a friend nor a wife, once becomes the epicenter of female attention. And the girls appeared from… the past…

Genre – romantic comedy.
The premiere of the 1st season took place on April 6, 2019.

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When will the anime “Nobunaga teacher’s young bride Season 2” be released?

At the moment there is no information that the anime “Nobunaga teacher’s young bride” will have a continuation. Most likely, the creators of the picture will be guided by the ratings of the season 1, the responses of fans and critics.


Nobunaga Oda is an ordinary school teacher who has neither a wife nor a girlfriend; his only entertainment can be considered games – dating simulators. The guy wants to live in a harem, surrounded by beautiful wives. These are the dreams our hero sees every night.

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One day, a 14-year-old girl named Saitō Kichō appears in the teacher’s life. She claims that she was supposed to be the wife of the legendary commander Nobunaga Oda of the Sengoku period. Seeing the teacher, Kichō takes him for her husband. The girl with all her strength begins to seduce Nobunagu Oda who understands nothing.

Frame from anime

Now the young teacher is not experiencing a lack of female attention. Indeed, in addition to Saitō Kichō’s purring tenderness, the attention of another girl fell on him – Ikoma Kitsuno, who has been transferred from the past to our day, is also trying to share the bed with Nobunaga Oda.

The conclusion suggests itself: you need to be extremely careful with your desires. What will happen to the life of the main character? Will Nobunaga Oda be able to choose a girl and a future wife? Or will the beautiful ladies continue their temporary travels?

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Anime main characters

  • Nobunaga Oda – a school teacher who loves simulation games; students call him “Mr. Nobunaga” due to the fact that he is a descendant of a historical family and famous commander with the same name; the dream of the main character is to live in a constant environment of young beautiful girls, but since there are no ladies in the life of the main character, dreams of a harem still remain dreams;
  • Saitō Kichō – a 14-year-old girl traveling through time; appeared in the present from the Sengoku period, where she became the wife of commander Nobunaga Oda; seeing Nobunagu Oda, the teacher in the present tense, immediately decided to marry him and have a child.
  • Ikoma Kitsuno – the concubine of the commander Nobunaga Oda; in spite of the fact that in the distant past a girl died at the age of 29, in the present world she has reincarnated into a young girl; these days, Ikoma wants to become Nobunaga Oda’s mistress.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Anime series “Nobunaga teacher’s young bride” is based on the eponymous manga created by Azure Konno. Currently 3 volumes have been released, which have been published in the Monthly Action magazine since May 2017.
  2. The director of the anime series was Noriyoshi Sasaki, known for the works: “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress”, “The Rolling Girls “, “The Royal Game”, etc.
  3. Beginning in November 2017, books-tankōbon began to be produced (individual books, not included in the series, with a soft cover).

Nobunaga teacher's young bride Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1no information
2x02Series 2no information
2x03Series 3no information
2x04Series 4no information
2x05Series 5no information
2x06Series 6no information
2x07Series 7no information
2x08Series 8no information
2x09Series 9no information
2x10Series 10no information

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