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Victoria McQueen, who is about to graduate from school and take a step into a new life, has already managed to face serious problems. Her parents are constantly quarreling, and in the end this leads to the fact that his father leaves home. Trying to get rid of mental stress, Vic periodically sits on a motorcycle and goes to a dilapidated bridge in the forest. Only later will she know that this bridge was demolished during her birth…

When will the “NOS4A2 Season 2” be released?

The sequel to the exciting TV series “NOS4A2” will appear on television in May 2020.

The AMC channel decided not to leave the planned path and show people the new serial horror. Now the management of the TV channel is actively engaged in the search for a project that will be able to replace the success of “The Walking Dead“.


Vic would be glad to be no different from her peers, but living conditions do not allow. Unlike a rich best friend, Vic is forced to help her mother clean up other people’s homes in order to earn her college money. Classmates laugh at her love of reading. But Vic is too smart to give in to “teenage hobbies” such as alcohol or drugs.

The girl wants to go to art college and asks for the approval of her father. Vic always found support in his face, and this time dad did not disappoint. It would seem that it is the mother who is the epicenter of the quarrels in the family, but soon Vic understands that his father also has his own unflattering secrets. For example, the young mistress, to whom he left, leaving Vic and her mother with debts and loans…

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This reality is driving the girl crazy. Each time she goes to the forest on the destroyed bridge and goes to the place of lost things. As soon as she thinks about things, she falls into her hands. At first, it all seems like a funny joke. But Vic quickly realizes that things are not so simple. She meets people who are also able to travel.

Frame from the series

Not all of these people are kind and responsive, because the longer they own their gift, the more they become greedy. Such was the meeting of Vic with Charlie Manx – a man eats the souls of innocent children who find themselves in a difficult situation. This allows him to remain immortal and change from an old man to a middle-aged man.

As a result, Vic decides to find Charlie at any cost and save people from the disappearance of the children he eats. Manx does not hesitate to resort to the most terrible methods, up to and including the murder of parents whose children he abducts. In season 2, Vic will begin to more confidently use her talent, as well as build relationships with her father and mother.

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Actors and their roles

  • Victoria “Vic” McQueen – the main character, a teenage girl who can move to places where things are lost; she wants to get even with Charlie Manx for the children from whom he is “pumping out” the soul -Ashleigh Cummings.
  • Linda McQueen – Vic’s mother, is convinced that the girl needs not a college, but a job as a cleaning lady, like herself; a woman constantly loses things, comes into conflict with her husband, and as a result she remains abandoned – Virginia Kull.
  • Chris McQueen – Vic’s father, supports her in everything; he hopes that Vicki will never give birth to children, will not lead a family, but will fulfill his dream of becoming an artist; as a result, the man leaves his daughter and wife for a 24-year-old lover – Ebon Moss-Bachrach.
  • Charlie Manx – the ancient man, who after eating baby souls becomes young again; he uses other people to achieve goals; capable of murder, moreover, without regret – Zachary Quinto.

Interesting Facts

  1. The idea belongs to the writer Joe Hill, who wrote the novel of the same name. Joe (real name Joseph Hillstrom King) is the son of the famous writer Stephen King.
  2. In December 2015, AMC began searching for a screenwriter who was appointed by Jami O’Brien. Together with Joe Hill, she worked on the plot, became co-producer and even the show runner of the project. In the season 2, Jami remained at her post.
  3. In June 2018, the casting was held, in which only the best of the best were selected. Zachary Quinto easily got the role of the main villain. Many people remember him for the role of Sylar in the series “Heroes”, where he was also a negative character. Appearance Zachary does not allow him to become a positive hero, but the guy does not get upset.
  4. Ashleigh Cummings attended accelerated driving courses on a motorcycle before the shoot, but still used the services of stuntmen. From the very beginning of the shooting, it became clear that she would not be able to overcome the forests after a quick training. The spectators themselves can be convinced of the extreme ride shown in the series 1 of the season 1.
  5. For the scenery had to really build a covered bridge in the middle of the forest. It did not take long, as local builders helped with the material and construction. It turns out that the place of Vic’s movement actually existed, and will appear periodically in the season 2. It was more difficult to dismantle the structure, because it threatened to collapse on the heads of random travelers.
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NOS4A2 Season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1May 2020
2x02Series 2May 2020
2x03Series 3May 2020
2x04Series 4May 2020
2x05Series 5May 2020
2x06Series 6May 2020
2x07Series 7May 2020
2x08Series 8May 2020
2x09Series 9May 2020
2x10Series 10May 2020

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