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A young Victoria McQueen graduate dreams of a fun life. But the situation in the family puts pressure on her so much that from time to time she rides a motorcycle out of a feeling of powerlessness. Once, having visited the bridge, she learns that no one else sees it. But what she found there simply deprives her of the strength to look for points of contact with her parents. Now she has a more important goal…

“NOS4A2 ss 3”: release date, announcement

The outbreak of the pandemic could not have affected the creation of the 3rd season, if not for a couple of significant points. The fact is that the viewing ratings of season 2 have decreased by 2 times compared to the previous one. On the other hand, two seasons completely adapted the novel, which became the basis of television history. The project called “NOS4A2” has been officially declared closed.


To secure her way to college, Vic is with her mother, Linda. They clean the homes of the rich. One of these houses is the home of her close friend. And how ashamed Vic is to come there again. After all, her friend again looked at her like a mistress to a servant. But there is nothing to do – the mother needs help and she even thinks that it would be a good job for her daughter.

Vic herself is fond of very different things. She loves to read, and despite the views of her peers who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, Vic prefers good reading. Drawing within college is a girl’s dream. Chris, the teen’s father, never left her unsupported, but now he’s gone from the family, and Vic is forced to put up with his mother’s disapproval.

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Leaving Linda and Vic with loans, debt and other financial turmoil, Chris found himself a younger lover. She shared the hobbies of a negligent father: she drank with him, was obsessed with carnal pleasures. Upon learning of this, Vic decides to come off on a motorcycle. Having found a dilapidated bridge in the middle of the forest, she rushes along it at great speed…

Frame from the TV show

And she ends up in completely incomprehensible places. There she found a watch that her father had once lost, and then a man who becomes her worst enemy. His name is Charlie Manx. He kidnaps children whose parents he doesn’t like. Sometimes he just kills parents and turns their children into monsters – he feeds on the soul of the innocent. This helps the monster stay young.

In season 2, Vic decides to find Charlie by all means, take revenge on him and save the poor kids from torment. She does not know that after meeting Charlie, the children turn into bloodthirsty killers, able to sink their sharp teeth into human flesh. Season 3 may put everything in its place, but the creators have already warned that it will not be the last.

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Vic already knows how to deal with the side effect, but Charlie has mastered additional skills. Will they finally be able to decide which one is right? Will the unhappy children leave Christmasland? And is there a way to save them?

Actors and their roles

  • Charlie Manx – an evil old man who feeds on the souls of children he takes to Christmasland; there they grow sharp teeth and they eat the people that Charlie brings with him; he is proud of what he does, because Charlie believes that children live better here than with their parents – Zachary Quinto.
  • Victoria McQueen / Vic – schoolgirl with ambition; stands in the background in the relationship of her father and mother, because they are more busy with themselves than with their own child; tries to kill Charlie using any method; but often he uses methods that Vic is not aware of – Ashleigh Cummings.
  • Chris – Vic’s father, who dreams that she will never want a family and children, as it is too burdensome; always agrees with his daughter, which is why Vic considers him a good person for a long time; eventually leaves his family for a 24-year-old waitress – Ebon Moss-Bachrach.
  • Linda – Vicki’s mother; a squabbler; often initiated conflicts with Chris, unjustly accusing him of various things; in the end was left with nothing; Linda is trying to convince her daughter that the cleaning job is the best thing that awaits her – Virginia Kull.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Charlie Manx’s car number is NOS4A2.
  2. Zachary Quinto’s royalty has been increased by 25% since Season 1. The rest of the participants received only a 10% increase, since they did not have any additional agreements.
  3. It was very difficult to organize the filming process of season 1. The children constantly looked into the frame, disrupted the shooting… In general, they behaved like… children. Several times the director allowed himself harsh statements, which brought the young actors to hysteria. When season 2 was planned, scenes involving large crowds of children were cut to a minimum.
  4. Ashleigh Cummings received no recognition after the show’s release. Usually the premiere of a new series, where the actors play the main role, is accompanied by offers to star in other projects. But here the Cummings were considered an actress of one role. It is worth noting that she did her job superbly. And most likely, the young actress has a great future.

NOS4A2 Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1the project is closed
3x02Series 2the project is closed
3x03Series 3the project is closed
3x04Series 4the project is closed
3x05Series 5the project is closed
3x06Series 6the project is closed
3x07Series 7the project is closed
3x08Series 8the project is closed
3x09Series 9the project is closed
3x10Series 10the project is closed

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