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A wicked witch named Regina really wanted to take over the magical world. For this, she stopped the passage of time in a magical land and erased the memory of all who lived in it. But there were defenders who were ready to fight the terrible witch.

When will the series “Once Upon a Time Season 8” be released?

The continuation of the adventures of the amazing heroes of the series “Once Upon a Time Season 8” will not take place. It was decided to complete the project. This was officially announced in February 2018 by the ABC channel, which aired the picture.

Recall that the wanderings of a descendant of Snow White in a magical country appealed to millions of viewers, thanks to which the series has been successfully going on for 8 years, starting in 2011.


The whole story is connected with two worlds, one of which is simple human, and the second is magical, it is called Storybook. 28-year-old Emma Swan in a distant youth refused to educate his son Henry. She did not see the boy for many years, but when he was 10 years old he came to her.

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Henry said that Emma is the daughter of Snow White and the Beautiful Prince. Once inside the magical world, Emma realizes with her own eyes the existence of miracles. Over time, she gets used to the boy and the environment.

None of the residents can remember who he is and where, which is very strange. Soon, Emma realizes that the evil Queen Regina, who for a long time is also the stepmother of Henry, is responsible for everything. Realizing the mistakes of her past, the girl is ready to stand up for the people of her parents and give Regina a worthy rebuff.

Colleagues in the series, spouses in life

Seventh season ended very well, which prompted the audience to think about the imminent closing of the series, but so far such information has not been reported, so we are looking forward to the series “Once Upon a Time Season 8”.

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Actors and their roles

  • Emma – Jennifer Morrison. Director, producer, model and actress. She was born in a family of teachers, but she preferred to go her own way as an actress. She began her career in 1994. She gained wide popularity after the release of the series “Doctor House”, where she played Dr. Elisson Cameron.
  • Regina – Lana Parrilla. In her account roles in the series “24 hours”, “The Police of New York”, “The client is always dead”, “Lost”, “Persecution”. For the role of Regina was awarded the “Teen Choice Awards”, as the best actress of the fantastic series in 2016.
  • Snow White – Ginnifer Goodwin. Often acted in fantasy, it can be seen in the films “Sophia the Beautiful”, “The Fairies: The Legend of the Beast”. She left a cult in 2014 for her colleague on the series “Once Upon a Time” by Josh Dallas.

Interesting Facts

  1. For all time of existence, the series was nominated for awards 14 times, of which 4 times won.
  2. Each season contains 22 series, with the exception of the fifth – in it 23 series. Over the past two seasons, the ending of the series was good and the audience was afraid of the end of the picture, but the creators every time pleased the fans with the continuation.
  3. The music of all the songs appearing in the series belongs to Mark Aishom. Thanks to his talent, the man received 3 music awards for the soundtrack to this series.
  4. The pilot episode, which appeared on October 12, 2011, was watched by 12.9 million viewers. “Once Upon a Time” is considered the most successful project of ABC channel in the past 5 years.
    For Jennifer Morrison this was the first picture, where she plays in the role of the fantastic daughter of Snow White. Before that, the woman preferred to appear in difficult dramatic pictures that were filled with real people. Despite this, the audience liked it for this particular series.
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Once Upon a Time season 8 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
8x01Series 1project completed
8x02Series 2project completed
8x03Series 3project completed
8x04Series 4project completed
8x05Series 5project completed
8x06Series 6project completed
8x07Series 7project completed
8x08Series 8project completed
8x09Series 9project completed
8x10Series 10project completed

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