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Piper Chapman has long ago put an end to old hobbies, but it’s not so easy to get rid of your past when drugs are involved in it, and now policemen are standing at your doorstep. Having received 15 months in prison, Piper has to adapt to the local conditions.

When will the series “Orange Is The New Black Season 7” come out?

Continuation of the series “Orange Is The New Black” will be held July 26, 2019. And it will be the final season.
Chapman and her complex relations in the prison collective are so fond of viewers that it is simply impossible to leave such a masterpiece without attention.


Chapman was going to marry soon, her friends were people only from high society and she had completely forgotten those far times when she helped her girlfriend sell drugs. But this was not forgotten by the valiant Connecticut police and, 10 years after the incident, enough evidence was gathered against Chapman.

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The girl had to go to prison, put on an orange uniform and accept her fate. She in the blink of an eye lost everyone she called friends, the lover turned away from her and the girl was left alone. It seemed that life was destroyed.

Piper realized that she had only one way out – to adapt to life in prison and take those 15 months for granted. While the girl is mastering in new conditions, the cellmate Alex Vouz appears. It was she who was to blame for the fact that Piper was put behind bars and with her, Chapman was having a great time years ago. Now the girls have a completely different life and interests.

The series will tell about a lot of other characters, will reveal their destinies and help to understand the motives of actions. Corruption, financial instability, reduction of prison staff negatively affect the physical and mental state of prisoners.

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Shot from the series

In the sixth season, Piper decided to take part in the riot, which was organized by the jailers. An unreasonable act led to the fact that she was given an additional term. Can criminals take the path of correction? Who of them will be released on parole? How will the consequences of the rebellion affect them?

Actors and their roles

  • Piper Chapman – convicted of sins of a decade ago, tries to adjust to life in prison and find a common language with her fellow inmates – Taylor Schilling.
  • Alex Vouz – the former sweetheart Piper, who was planted shortly after her, was engaged in the distribution of drugs, the girls have a rather complicated relationship – Laura Prepon.
  • Joe Caputo – the chief responsible for human rights in prison, his policy is diverging from generally accepted standards – Nick Sandow.

Interesting Facts

  1. The premiere of the tele-picture was held on July 11, 2013 on Netflix video sharing. All the series came out one day. Since then, each season contains 13 episodes, lasting 55 minutes.
  2. February 5, 2016, immediately after the release of season 4, the series was officially extended for another 3 seasons.
  3. In 2014, the picture won three awards in the category “Best Comedy Series”.
  4. Often episodes return the viewer to past events. This technique is used to better reveal the character.
  5. Actress starring Taylor Schilling admitted that she had never seen herself in such a role. When the first series of the series were released, the girl did not know what success was waiting for the telecard.
  6. In order to better understand the conditions in which the prisoners are located, some workers of the film crew decided to see with their own eyes the prisons that were near the shooting site.
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Orange Is The New Black season 7 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
7x01Series 1July 26, 2019
7x02Series 2August 2, 2019
7x03Series 3August 9, 2019
7x04Series 4August 16, 2019
7x05Series 5August 23, 2019
7x06Series 6August 30, 2019
7x07Series 7Septamber 6, 2019
7x08Series 8Septamber 13, 2019
7x09Series 9Septamber 20, 2019
7x10Series 10Septamber 27, 2019

Piper and Stella first kiss

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