Ordeal by Innocence Season 2


In the 1950s, the couple Leo and Rachel Argyle decided to take five children from the shelter. At first, family relations were perfect, but on Christmas Rachel was found dead. To whom of the relatives is such a brutal murder?

When will the series “Ordeal by Innocence Season 2” come out?

The events of the war years left no one indifferent. But the audience has a lot of questions that only the next season can solve. Will he – as long as there is no official information.


Over time, the family idyll began to crumble right before our eyes – the foster child Jake constantly swore with the named mother. Relations between Leo and Rachel gave a break. What was the general surprise when the mother was found dead. Without losing time, the police decided that it was Jake who was to blame for the murder.

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The guy in a short time was put in prison, where he died, not waiting for the trial. A year and a half passed and the family healed as before, forgetting the bitterness of loss. The only person who could prove Jake’s innocence was the family doctor Arthur Kolgari, but at the time of Rachel’s death, he was absent from the city for personal reasons.

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Upon arrival, he learns about the death of Mrs. Argyle and decides to start her own investigation. By the time Jake was already dead. Now the quiet life of the family will be disrupted, because Kolgari has decided in any way to find the murderer Rachel.

Shot from the series

In the first season, the events get even more confused. It becomes known that Jake is guilty and innocent at the same time. How to understand what is happening? Who was interested in Rachel’s death and did Jake die with his death? The mystery has become even greater, so we look forward to continuing.

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Actors and their roles

  • Rachel – tragically lost in her own living room mother of five adopted children, Leo’s wife, in the last days of her life could not find a common language with the son of Jake and her husband – Anna Chancellor.
  • Jake – a foster child Leo and Rachel, accused of murdering a foster mother, died in prison, serving time – Anthony Boyle.
  • Leo – a rich philanthropist, Rachel’s husband, the relationship of a married couple has not been developing recently – Bill Nighy.
  • Arthur Kolgari – the doctor of the Argyll family, convinced of Jake’s innocence, is ready to gain the truth about the murder of Rachel at any cost – Luce Treadaway.

Interesting Facts

  1. The basis for the script was the book of the same name, the novel of the greatest writer of all time Agatha Christie, released on sale in 1958.
  2. The director of the series was Sandra Goldbacher. Under her keen guidance came the telephoto “Ann”, “With you and without you”, “Victoria”, “Ballet shoes”, “Young Morse”.
  3. All reviews of the series, posted on the site Rotten Tomatoes, are positive. After watching the pilot episode, many viewers eagerly awaited the continuation.
  4. The world premiere of the series took place on April 1, 2018. The duration of each series is 60 minutes.
  5. According to the book, Arthur Kolgari was absent from his hometown for a year and a half. The reason was a concussion, after which the time of the polar expedition increased. Being a merciful person, the doctor without a share of self-interest undertook to investigate the death of Rachel Argyll. for all the investigation time, the man was more than once on the verge of death.
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Ordeal by Innocence Season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1no official information
2x02Series 2no official information
2x03Series 3no official information

The cast on Ordeal by Innocence

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