Ostwind 3 / East Wind 3

The first part of the film was released in 2013 and made an indelible impression on the audience.The picture tells of a teenage girl, who goes all the summer to a farm for her grandmother.
3 part of the drama Ostwind under the slogan Travel to Spain is at the stage of writing the script, the release date will be in July 27, 2017

What will happen in the movie “Ostwind 3”.

Mike becomes unbearably bored in this setting, but everything changes as soon as she finds one in the barns of a wild stallion. It turns out that this horse can not be tamed, but Mika feels an unusual natural connection with the animal.

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In the new adventures of Mickey and the Ostwind the story will turn completely into another direction. The screenwriters and the director promise the viewer the same intensity of passions, all the same gentle relations between the characters, as well as questions of choice and a sea of ​​inspiration.

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Critics fear that the third part will be much weaker than the previous two and predict the failure of the picture. However, the creators claim that the new film will turn out to be more powerful emotionally.

The picture was quite atmospheric and very strong psychologically. A great acting game contributes to the fact that the viewer genuinely sympathizes with the main character.

The girl has to deal with fears with insecurity, as well as with her own parents, who force her to act against her will and give up personal desires, aspirations and beliefs. After watching, you want to rethink a lot.

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Interesting fact

In USA, this film was adopted ambiguously by fans of horses. The fact is that the picture shows a free riding on a horse, that is, without a saddle and a bridle.

Ostwind 3 / East Wind 3

This method is unacceptable among the USA horsemen. However, this is not an omission of the writers. In Germany, most often riding horses that way.

Watching the movie “East Wind” is a great motivation and inspiration. Script writers perfectly worked out the plot, thanks to which the picture looks holistic and truthful.

Reviews and criticism

The film is recommended for both teenagers and adults. According to the viewers, this is the best movie for a cozy family evening.

The second part was released in 2015 and did not lose first. According to the story, Mika goes back to his grandmother on the farm, where unpleasant news awaits her.

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The woman is on the verge of bankruptcy and runs the risk of completely losing her property. In addition, the beloved stallion Micky had strange scars, the origin of which she should establish.

It rarely happens that the second part is in no way inferior to the first. And this is one of those rare cases. Of course, in the second part there is no such surprise from what is happening, but the heroes begin to empathize with redoubled force. Magnificent director’s work, excellent light, montage and impeccable actor’s game – all this allowed to create a real masterpiece of cinematography.

Ostwind 3 / East Wind 3 release date

NameSeries titleRelease date
Ostwind 3 / East WindPart 3July 27, 2017

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