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Israel, 2014. The beginning of summer was highlighted by tragic news – three teenagers were kidnapped, who were subsequently sought by the whole country. After 3 weeks, it became known that the prayers of the Israelites were not heard by the Lord – the lifeless bodies of adolescents were found. Riding against the Arabs, the Israelis decided to arrange a real massacre…

When will the series “Our Boys Season 2” be released?

The continuation of the mini-series “Our Boys” is not expected. The story is based on real events, the end of which was shown back in the first season. In this war, they did not spare even the children, who were less than the others to blame for what happened.


Hamas militants abducted three Jewish guys in early summer 2014. When the local police found out that the guys had long been dead, information quickly leaked to the public. Literally within an hour after the tragic news, the Jews took to the streets, shouting the phrase “Death to the Arabs” into the crowd. Soon they confirmed their words with actions.

At this time, the Palestinian teenager Mohammed was going through hard times. He had a fight with his father, as a result of which the long-awaited trip was canceled. Grieving in the courtyard of his own house, Mohammed did not suspect how easy a victim he was. Mother almost immediately noticed that her son had disappeared somewhere, so she began to sound the alarm.

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While the police found out what was happening, Hussein, the father of Mohammed, joined forces with Jewish employees. Despite the prejudices of the Palestinian comrades demanding not to take the side of the Jews, Hussein decided not to show his bad temper and take the side that would help him find his son.

Frame from the series

The search was short-lived. After 2 days, the body of Mohammed was found in the eastern part of Jerusalem. A Palestinian teenager was burned to the ground. Heartbroken father did not want to stop and decided to find the killer. Hussein is ready to take any action, if only to punish the offender in all severity. The case was referred to the internal terror agency.

This was only the start of the terrible bloodshed that began in Israel. The series will show not only the emotional turmoil of Hussein, but also the overall picture in which politicians and some policemen are trying to prevent a national war. Can Hussein find the killer of his son and punish him as he sees fit? How will the confrontation between the two nations end?

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Actors and their roles

  • Simon – a policeman interested in reducing the conflict between Arabs and Jews; recently lives with a mother who has not interested him since 10 years of age; the first learns about all events related to the military conflict; Simon is calm, prudent, but completely unable to convince people of his innocence – Shlomi Elkabetz.
  • Hussein – the father of Mohammed; works at a construction site where his children work; punished Mohammed for the breakdown of expensive equipment, because he wanted his son to consider him a strict parent; in fact, through mother, he gives him concessions; considers himself guilty of the death of his son, because he would not go out into the yard if he had not quarreled with him the day before – Johnny Arbid.
  • Suha – the mother of Mohammed; I saw her son sitting in the yard, and after a while she found that he was not there; immediately sounded the alarm, but even that time was enough for the killers to grab the guy and take him away in an unknown direction; Dry is very kind to children and can convince the father to be softer with them – Ruba Blal.

Interesting Facts

  1. The film was directed by Joseph Cedar and Tawfik Abu Wael. They also worked on the script that Hagai Levi, Noah Stollman, Shuki Ben-Naim helped them write. Since the directors wanted to show most of the events in their original form, a record of all artistic corrections appears before starting to see the picture.
  2. The production designer of the series is Arad Sawat. He is famous all over the world, and his talent was used in the series “I am not a bird”, “High Wire Act”, “Absentia”, “ABCs of Death 2” and etc.
  3. The project is considered a mini-series, refers to a drama series with a military bias. In total, 10 episodes were released, which were broadcast from August 12 to October 7, 2019. The USA and Israel were engaged in the production of the painting. Since many questions arose in the production process regarding the realism of history, one often had to return to the source of events.
  4. It is known that at home the series was received with particular enthusiasm. In the series there is no place for a national theme – none of the parties is shown on the bad side, and most of the events are described in exactly the same way as they actually were. Tawfik Abu Wael attended the procession that the Jews organized against the Arabs, and saw with their own eyes how it ended.
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Our Boys Season 2: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not expected
2x02Series 2not expected
2x03Series 3not expected
2x04Series 4not expected
2x05Series 5not expected
2x06Series 6not expected
2x07Series 7not expected
2x08Series 8not expected
2x09Series 9not expected
2x10Series 10not expected

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