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Four teenagers from different social strata undergo formation in society. Passing through all the obstacles, they try to establish contact with adults, and at the same time they are looking for a treasure, the value of which is estimated at $ 400 million. Living in North Carolina, they hope a large sum will help change their lives…

“Outer Banks ss 3”: release date, announcement

Millions of views of previous episodes have given guarantees for the imminent release of the continuation of the TV series “Outer Banks”. The fact that viewers will see the season 3 became officially known in December 2021.

The exact release date for the new episodes is finally known: February 23, 2023!


Since childhood, John B lived with his father in a small house on the seashore. Surfing, illegal fishing, good grades in school — that’s all that worried the guy for a long time. One day the father disappears, but he manages to inform his son that something like this may happen. After 3 months, the relevant authorities are looking for guardians for the boy, constantly trying to get him out of the house.

But John B doesn’t give up. Together with his friends, he helps the rich for money: he carries loads, for example, diving equipment. His fellow JJ hates the “Kooks” — as they call teenagers born in families of local wealthy. Kooks, in turn, call people like John B, “Pogues”. Open hostility between them has been going on for a long time.

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In their company there is a girl named Kiara. She doesn’t care that her father is rich. The girl enjoys spending time with the boys, helps them earn money, and the guys see her open sympathy for John B. Only the guy is in no hurry to strike up a romantic relationship, since the girl is a friend of the company. And starting a relationship means showing disrespect to your comrades, because they like her too.


Frame from the TV showAfrican American Pope fits perfectly into the company of slobs. Adoring learning, he can easily complete a difficult task, using only the power of the mind. He is not afraid even of the mathematical calculation of the air time required for breathing in scuba gear. John B needed it to go down under water to a depth of 10 meters. The guys decided to see what lay in the boat that sank in the storm.

Taking out only a compass from there, the guys are disappointed. The police deception, the crossing of foreign borders — they all experienced this when they dreamed of finding something valuable in the boat. But for John B it was a gift of fate, because the old compass belonged to his father, which means he can be alive! Going for answers, friends learn that there is a clue in the compass that will lead them to the treasure.

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Returning the scuba gear to its place, John B catches the eye of Sarah, the Kook girl, who tries to flirt with him. Regardless of Kiara’s sympathy, he wants to please Sarah. But this can lead to irreversible consequences. So where is the treasure hiding? Will the guys get it? And how does John B solve the problem with two girls who hate each other?

Actors and their roles

  • John B — a silent teenager; loves risk; in a storm he goes surfing and notices a boat; later it turns out that the ship sank, and the owner was found killed in the river; in the boat was found the compass of John B’s father, which became the key to the treasure hunt — Chase Stokes.
  • Kiara — communicates with poor guys, while she considers herself in her place, although her parents are unhappy with this state of affairs; in love with John B — Madison Bailey.
  • JJ — the baddest guy of the Pogues; stole a pistol from a hotel room and once tried to intimidate one of the Kooks with it; always encourages friends to take risks — Rudy Pankow.
  • Pope — a calm, judicious guy; tries to help friends, but they often go too far, forcing Pope to participate in dubious adventures, and preventing him from concentrating on his studies — Jonathan Daviss.
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Interesting Facts

  1. In reality, the outer shoals are 320 kilometers long. The narrow sandy islands near North Carolina extend further along the southeastern edge of Virginia Beach. The shooting took place there.
  2. Chase Stokes vehemently did not accept the services of stunt doubles when filming scenes on land, but after an accident in the water decided to defy the rule. While filming a scuba dive, algae got into the breathing tube. At that time, he plunged 5 meters under the water. Chase was pulled out by four people. He was already unconscious.
  3. The “Outer Banks” project has encountered a copyright problem. The fact is that at the end of December 2020, Kevin Wooten, a teacher and writer from North Carolina, filed a lawsuit against Netflix over the fact that the creators of the TV show “Outer Banks” insolently stole the plot of his own novel, called “Pennywise:” The Hunt For Blackbeard’s Treasure!”, published back in 2016. The storyline, the main characters and other moments are really identical. How the case ended is still unknown.

Outer Banks Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1February 23, 2023
3x02Series 2February 23, 2023
3x03Series 3February 23, 2023
3x04Series 4February 23, 2023
3x05Series 5February 23, 2023
3x06Series 6February 23, 2023
3x07Series 7February 23, 2023
3x08Series 8February 23, 2023
3x09Series 9February 23, 2023
3x10Series 10February 23, 2023

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