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Regular nurse Claire Randall, who helps military personnel during World War II, becomes the protagonist of a dramatic narrative. Diligently doing her duties, a woman moves in time. Instead of the bloody 1945, it moves 2 centuries ago. This world is no less cruel, because Civil War is breathing in the back.

When will the series “Outlander Season 6” be released?

The sequel to the drama “Outlander” will appear on March 6, 2022. And this is an official statement from the creators of the project. The exact release date for the new episodes is still unknown.

Claire has become a real embodiment of femininity and beauty, thanks to which viewers marvel at her actions and, together with their heroine, experience all the vicissitudes of fate.


In her 1945, Randall was married. Her life with her husband was difficult to call happy, but Claire never lost her composure and tried to act according to her conscience. Everything changed at once – Randall falls in 1743 and does not understand where he is. Around the shooting, she has to flee.

By chance, Claire meets Jamie Fraser, a wounded Scotsman, and gradually their feelings turn into real ones. Claire tells him the whole truth about himself and together they prepare to change the future of Scotland. But everything is not so simple – Claire is again transferred to 1945, where her husband, Frank Randall, is at a loss for speculations about the location of his wife.

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The main characters of the series

A woman is forced to tell the whole truth and does not hide the fact that she is pregnant by Jamie. To save a marriage falling apart, Frank offers to raise a child together. Everything becomes so confusing that endless moaning over time does not seem so unreal.

The problems of the protagonist start to worry much more after the born daughter appears in the next century, and the woman herself returns to the past again. Fraser is in danger, and no one knows – can Claire’s lover survive?

Actors and their roles

  • Claire Randall – gets from the present into the past, where she is forced to flee from death at any cost; Married to Jamie, has a daughter Brianna; the girl is good about her first husband, who raised Brianna; confident that she can change the future of Scotland – Caitriona Balfe.
  • Jamie Fraser – Claire’s beloved, fearless, courageous, always close at a difficult moment; once having lost Claire realized that there was nothing worse for him; He was ready to go with her at his own time to stay with his wife and daughter forever – Sam Heughan.
  • Brianna Randall Fraser – the daughter of Claire and Jamie, brought up by Frank, an adventurer, has a broad outlook on life; the girl loves her boyfriend, but refuses to get married because the marriage of the mother and Frank has crumbled before her eyes; she adopted her mother’s cool temper – Sophie Skelton.
  • Frank Randall – Claire’s first husband, calm, adequate man, after the honeymoon with which she disappeared; man is good to stepdaughter Brianna – Tobias Menzies.
  • Roger Wakefield – Brianna’s beloved, who does not share her free views; loves a girl for an inquiring mind, an irrepressible thirst for everything new and unknown. He is confident that soon the girl will mature herself for marriage and the birth of children – Richard Rankin.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The series belongs to a fantastic genre and is produced by two countries at once – they became the United Kingdom and the United States. The production was carried out by Left Bank Pictures (United Kingdom) and the Story Mining and Supply Company (USA) under the direction of Jim Kohlberg.
  2. The project is based on the novels of Diana Gabaldon with the same name. After acquiring the rights to create a screened picture, the debate over the project’s format did not abate for a whole year. As a result, it was decided to make a multi-part film, rather than a full-length film, as planned at the beginning.
  3. The audience first met the television series “Outlander” on August 9, 2014. The first series appeared on the Starz channel. Each episode is viewed by about 4 million viewers worldwide.
  4. The executive producer was confident that during the casting the most difficult choice would be the role of Jamie Fraser. But since the narrative of the series is conducted on behalf of Claire, the choice of the main character was more difficult – Caitriona Balfe was the last approved actress.
  5. The writer Diana Gabaldon was appointed as a consultant on the events of the series, who was very enthusiastic with the scenery, the gestures of people of ancient times and the selection of characters for the characters. Once a week, Diana visited the film sets where the actors were located.
  6. Àdhamh Ó Broin acted as a Gaelic language consultant. For the actors, the pronunciation turned out to be the most difficult stage – no one could pronounce the names correctly, which immediately showed the unreality of what was happening. Àdhamh Ó Broin helped to cope with the task during season 1 and when new actors were introduced into the series.
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Outlander Season 6: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
6x01Series 1March 6, 2022
6x02Series 2March 13, 2022
6x03Series 3March 20, 2022
6x04Series 4March 27, 2022
6x05Series 5April 3, 2022
6x06Series 6April 10, 2022
6x07Series 7April 17, 2022
6x08Series 8April 24, 2022

“Outlander” author and actors on transition from books to TV series

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