Outlander Season 7

Claire spent a short time with her lover Frank. At first, everything was fine with them, but the war began and a long separation was detrimental to their relationship. After 5 years, they met again and decided to become spouses, but only in Claire’s thoughts was a slightly different life. Who would have thought that Claire’s dreams could come true in another century!?

When will the TV series “Outlander Season 7” be released?

Even after the release of season 4, the series was extended immediately several seasons in advance, since the inexhaustible interest of the audience gave the creators the opportunity to pay off and pay all the costs of the picture. Now it remains only to wait for the crew to prepare the season 7 for viewing.

According to the creators, the premiere of the sequel to the TV show “Outlander” will take place on June 16, 2023.


After serving at the front for 5 years as a nurse, Claire Randall returns to her husband Frank Randall. The man is engaged in history and he is very proud of his ancestor, whose nickname is Black Jack. Sharing her husband’s interests, Claire is increasingly plunged into despair – even if she successfully married, but this did not increase female happiness – she’s just bored.

Once, traveling with her husband through the mountains of Scotland, Claire wanders into a deserted place, where there are vertical plates. At night, here gather the Druids who dance near them. Having lost track of time, Claire finds herself between two worlds – her 1945 year and completely alien time. Around it is a continuous forest, and the air smells of gunpowder.

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Trying to understand what is happening, Claire accidentally meets with Black Jack, who is trying to rape her. A little later, she was saved by an unsightly-looking man who was taking her to his group. There is a place for Claire and she meets a man named Jamie. He needed medical help and Claire, using his skills, skillfully helps him.

Outlander 7
Frame from the series

For a short time, Claire understands that she is in someone else’s time. How did she get here? What was the reason? Really these sayings of the Scottish druids? How can she return to her husband and will she want to do it when there is such a man as Jamie next to her? For the first 5 seasons, Claire was able to build a relationship with him, return in due time.

But Frank also had his own concerns. It so happened that he had to bring up Brianna, the daughter of Claire and Jamie. At that time, Claire was again in another time, where she tried to fix all the harm that had been done to the Scottish people and this land in ancient times. Jamie remains with her, but will they be able to maintain their relationship again? Will they survive after another adventure?..

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Actors and their roles

  • Claire Randall – Frank’s first wife; from the present, she falls into the past, where severe trials await her; there she meets Jamie, after which she starts a relationship with him and even gives birth to a girl – Brianna; By the will of fate, most of the life of Brianna is raised by Frank – Caitriona Balfe.
  • Jamie Fraser – met Claire after she got into his time; Jamie loves her, is not able to live far away, is anxious about her common daughter, but does not always have the opportunity to engage in her upbringing; Jamie – a fearless man, ready to the last fight in battle – Sam Heughan.
  • Brianna Randall Fraser – raised by Claire’s first husband; her father is Jamie; Brianna is a copy of her mother by nature, which causes a lot of scandal in the family, she is always ready for adventure, supports life without marriage, and with great pleasure frolics around with her boyfriend, who hopes that Brianna will still marry him – Sophie Skelton.

Interesting Facts

  1. Charming Caitriona Balfe does not get younger over the years and the creators decided to think about releasing the season 7 with another actress. According to the plot, Claire’s appearance will change and another actress will easily replace her in the frame. But how happy will the loyal viewers receive such information?
  2. Sophie Skelton manages to knock out even more airtime for herself next season than in the previous one. Her talent can be envied, because in life she is no less brisk than on the screen. The girl is not shy about expressing her opinion and is not afraid to go against the whole set when it comes to work.
  3. Some of the objects on which the shooting took place are the national property of Scotland. To get permission to conduct the filming process, you have to work hard and spend a lot of money from the budget. Thus, 20% of the total money for the series goes to pay for places where the filming process takes place.
  4. Over the years the series existed, more than 160 people were killed by Jamie, some of whom were direct enemies of the beautiful Claire. She herself did not mess her hands so much. In total, more than 340 people were invited as killed actors – this is not counting the losses in major battles, since the bill would go to thousands.
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Outlander Season 7: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
7x01Series 1June 16, 2023
7x02Series 2June 23, 2023
7x03Series 3June 30, 2023
7x04Series 4July 7, 2023
7x05Series 5July 14, 2023
7x06Series 6July 21, 2023
7x07Series 7July 28, 2023
7x08Series 8August 4, 2023

Outlander: Jamie and Claire’s 10 Best Moments

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