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Life with Frank was quiet for Claire. After the end of the war, they calmly raised their daughter. But Claire dreamed of something else. Her wishes were destined to come true when she randomly ended up… in another time! And now, for several years now, she has been building a life with another man, who became her destiny. But no matter what times a person lives, there will always be a place for dangers.

“Outlander ss 8”: release date, announcement

Grateful viewers watch every episode of the beloved TV series “Outlander” by the millions and wait for the sequel. But since it was known in advance that they were preparing to release 2 seasons at once, the sixth and seventh, the fans of the picture suspected that the project would not be renewed for the season 8. Especially since its creators are talking about working on prequels.
But in January 2023, it became officially known that the TV series was renewed for the season 8, which will be the final one. The premiere date is still unknown, but unofficial sources say mid-2024.


1945. After giving 5 years to the work of a military nurse, Claire comes back home, where her husband was waiting for her. Frank was crazy about historical facts and was always proud that there were the noblest people in his family. One of them was a man named Black Jack. Exciting, sure, but not for Claire. Every day she thought more and more about her fate, in which there was no place for adventure.

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Another trip to Scotland ends in big trouble for Claire. She finds a holy place of the druids, about which she knows nothing. After strange dances, the woman finds herself in a world where there is a war, and the air is saturated with gunpowder. Not understanding what is happening, she begins to look for answers and runs into a man who introduces himself as… Black Jack! This man was not so noble.

Frame from the TV show

After attempting to rape Claire, he failed. The woman was saved and was even able to find shelter for herself. Very soon she met a man named Jamie. He was seriously wounded and threatened with death, but the skillful hands of a stranger cured him, leaving a mark on his heart forever. Jamie was surprised by her courage, and Claire was surprised by his masculinity and manner of fighting.

During the years of their life together, they had everything: they traveled to the time from which Claire appeared, together they left little Brianna to be raised by Frank. Even the deceased joint child could not alienate them from each other. When, at the beginning of season 6, viewers saw that Jamie was living with thoughts about the death of his wife, they thought that nothing would surprise them. But the creators of the picture were able to…

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Actors and their roles

  • Claire — moved from 1945 to the Middle Ages, where she met true love; to save the life of her little daughter, she left her to be raised by Frank, after which Brianna, already grown up, continued to live with her mother; repeatedly was in captivity; knows a lot about ethers, herbs, poisons and other medicines that help preserve life — Caitríona Balfe.
  • Jamie — met his future wife when he was dying; thanks to Claire, he was able to get rid of the pain and continue the path of a warrior; not able to be separated from his beloved for a long time; spent a long time in prison, believing that his wife was dead — Sam Heughan.
  • Brianna — the only living child of Claire and Jamie; in adulthood began to live with her parents; found a husband and happily spent time helping her mother learn medicine; by nature, an absolute copy of her mother — Sophie Skelton.

Interesting Facts

  1. Back in 2020, it was reported that Caitríona Balfe would be replaced by another actress as the years change a person. Author Diana Gabaldon in an interview with Parade.com denies these rumors, arguing that it was not in vain that she moved her story forward 20 years – this move was made so that Balfe would remain in her place, and her on-screen daughter would become older.
  2. As for Sophie Skelton, in each subsequent season, her heroine has more and more screen time, which in season 8 they will share in half with her “mother”. The split of the family, in particular mother and daughter, may be the main theme of the upcoming season.
  3. The vertical stones near which Claire could move to another time are called Callanish. More than 3 thousand years ago there was a sanctuary here – this place is considered the most popular in all of Scottish culture. In total, there are 19 places in which Callanish is located.
  4. Few people know that the full name of Sam Heughan is Samwise. So it is written in his official documents. The parents often read “The Lord of the Rings” books and were fans of Samwise Gamgee’s character. Having already become popular, Sam decided not to focus on this and asked to be represented by his short name.
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Outlander Season 8: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
8x01Series 1not announced
8x02Series 2not announced
8x03Series 3not announced
8x04Series 4not announced
8x05Series 5not announced
8x06Series 6not announced
8x07Series 7not announced
8x08Series 8not announced
8x09Series 9not announced
8x10Series 10not announced

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