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Anime-adaptation of the scribe of the same name by the author of the story Kugane Maruyama and the illustrator under the pseudonym so-bin. The first season of anime in genres of sainen, fantasy, adventure, action, thriller, science fiction came out in 2015, the second season comes out from January 9, 2018 and today is ongoing.

When will the Overlord season 3 anime come out?

According to the creators, the season 3 of the anime was originally planned. The storyline was enough for a full season, the audience took the picture well.

The premiere of the new anime series “Overlord Season 3” starts on the screens on July 10, 2018.

Story line

Computer online game “Yggdrasil” – the most popular MMORPG among gamers. It played a lot of people, but exactly until the moment when the creators did not announce that their fantasy on the creation of plot twists and turns was exhausted.

MIbYn1tffsmisNow the server is immediately closed, and all the former gamers-teammates are scattered about who …. All except one particularly ardent lover to play in “Yggdrasil”.

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In the last hour of the game the most active gamer, and concurrently the leader of the famous guild, notes that the “exit” button is simply not there! At the same time, he begins to feel his profile userpic as a physical body and soon … gets into some strange world in which he appears in the form of a lich-skeleton. By the way, the character also began to match the avatar: complete composure, indifference and desire to capture the world.

But this is only the beginning of wonders: non-player characters recognize in Momonge (and this is how the new-born gamer under the skeleton shell names himself) of his dark lord!

Since that moment, Momonga is completely pouring into the strange gameplay, which for him has become quite real. The main purpose of the ruler is to spread his master’s influence over all existing territories …


  • Momonga is the main character of the anime series, the head and the last representative of the Guild of Ainz Oul Goon. At first he was an ordinary office punktoon and an amateur to play in the popular MMORPG “Yggdrasil”. In another world, he takes the name “Momonga” and starts playing for the lich (skeleton) in order to spread his greatness throughout the game and become the first in it.
  • Albedo is the guardian of the keepers of the floors of the Great Nazarike Shrine. Albedo leads the common control over all floors. Predanna Momonge and in love with him. Sometimes it can be too intrusive and intemperate, because at any moment it fights for his personal attention. Jealous and a little quick-tempered. Hates people, believes that they are inferior and stupid.
  • Shalltir Bladfollen is a vampire girl, guardian of the first and third floors in the Great Nazarike Shrine. A coquette and shameless, often introduces other heroes into the paint. Very worried because of his figure. Seriously refers to the work of the guard floors, sometimes arrogant. Spitfire and angry, if something goes wrong, as she conceived. Easily kills the objectionable. Just like Albedo, he is trying his best to get Momonga’s attention.
  • Kocit – guardian of the fifth floor of the Tomb, an anthropoid (something between a termite and a mantis) warrior. Has a huge growth (more than 2.5 meters).
  • Demiurge is the guardian of the seventh floor of the Tomb. A demon who likes to dress up like a gentleman. Defends the Tomb, but does not disdain at the same time cruel methods of protection. The bloodthirsty arrogant strategist hates people. Has the ability to control someone else’s mind.
  • Actor Pandora – one of the guards of the Tomb, is responsible for finances and treasures. He was personally created by Momong.
  • Sebas Tyan is a creature with a human appearance. He is a butler and immediate supervisor of all maids. Good in hand-to-hand combat. Do not get along with the Demiurge, because, unlike the demon, believes that not all people are terrible.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Animation studio, which is engaged in the creation of anime Overlord season 3, worked on the following popular anime series: Death Note, Black Pirate Pirates, Chobits, Sakura Collector of Cards, Trigan, Nana, Claymore “,” The School of the Dead “,” Neuro Nogami: Detective from Hell “,” Hunter x Hunter “,” Bright Chihaya “,” Vanchanchman “,” Parasite “,” Let the Asa “.
  2. In the real world, Momongu is called Satoru Suzuki.
  3. As of the first 3 years (from 2012 to 2015), over 2 million copies of the early-river source were sold, which is a huge sum for the genre of the Ranbe.
  4. The original name of the anime Overlord season 3 (オ ー バ ー ロ ー ド) means “suzerain” in translation from Old French – a great ruler-feudal lord.
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Overlord season 3 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1July 10, 2018
3x02Series 2July 17, 2018
3x03Series 3July 24, 2018
3x04Series 4July 31, 2018
3x05Series 5August 7, 2018
3x06Series 6August 14, 2018
3x07Series 7August 21, 2018
3x08Series 8August 28, 2018
3x09Series 9September 4, 2018
3x10Series 10September 11, 2018


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