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Anime “Overlord 4 season” – the long-awaited return to the screens!

“Overlord” first appeared on screens in the summer of 2015 thanks to the multipliers of the beautiful studio Madhouse, which took as its basis the plot of a series of works by Kugane Maruyama. For the past three years, Overlord has been replenished with new series. At the moment, there are 3 seasons available for viewing – 38 episodes, 8 specials, one OVA and a film.

When will the continuation of the anime “Overlord Season 4” be released?

The fact that the “Overlord” anime series and anime film is being prepared for release became known in May 2021. Season 4 is officially announced to premiere on July 5, 2022.


The plot of the anime takes place in a popular online game, with a full immersion, called Yggdrasil, which awaits oblivion. The main character is the player controlling a character named Momonga. He decides not to leave the battlefield until the server shutdown finishes the game.

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Throughout the battles, the main character went through a powerful “pumping” of his character and clan, gaining tremendous strength and power. Therefore, to be in the game is what he absolutely needed.

Anime Overlord

Momonga became the head of one of the guilds playing in the virtual world for the “dark” side. Some time before the end of the game, i.e. shutting down the server, he gathered the NPC in the main hall of the guild and waited … But everything went completely wrong: the game continued, as if nothing had happened …

While Momonga became a powerful wizard, the other characters suddenly began to have human emotions. Having no goals in the real world, not finding a place among his own kind in society, Momonga decides not to return to his usual reality, but to remain in the new, for the sake of one goal – to conquer it …

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How will the protagonist’s combat stories end and will he be able to achieve his goals? We learn in the new series of anime “Overlord Season 4”.

Main characters

  • Ainz Ooal Gown / Momonga – the main character of the anime, the skeleton without skin and flesh, the lord of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, in the New World, he is the most powerful magician; dark warrior and leader of Darkness.
  • Amanomahitotsu – a member of the guild, has the appearance of a monster crab, a former blacksmith and leader of artisans.
  • Tach Mi – a member of the guild, one of the strongest players of Yggdrasil, is honest and fair and wears armor with a helmet.
  • Takemikazuti – warrior is a member of the guild, a powerful warrior dressed in samurai armor, which is why he got the corresponding nickname, he is characterized by a sense of risk and insatiable thirst for playing.

Who is working on the fourth season?

The same director and screenwriter are working on creating the continuation of Overlord as in previous seasons:

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Director – Naoyuki Itō
Writer – Yukie Sugawara
Composer – Shūji Katayama
Studio – Madhouse

Interesting Facts

  1. In April 2018, it became known that the total circulation of the light novel and manga reached more than 7 million copies.
  2. In 2017, the light novel “Overlord” won the honorable first place in the ranking of the Japanese publishing company Takarajimasha, the famous publication of fashion magazines for teenagers. True, in 2018, the novel slightly lost ground, dropping to 4th place.

Overlord season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1July 5, 2022
4x02Series 2July 12, 2022
4x03Series 3July 19, 2022
4x04Series 4July 26, 2022
4x05Series 5August 2, 2022
4x06Series 6August 9, 2022
4x07Series 7August 16, 2022
4x08Series 8August 23, 2022
4x09Series 9August 30, 2022
4x10Series 10September 6, 2022

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