Owari no Seraph / Seraph of the end Season 3


A terrible catastrophe brought unprecedented sacrifices to the world. The entire population of the earth, who reached the age of 13 and above, died suddenly. The surviving children continue the battle for their lives.

When will the anime “Seraph of the end Season 3” be released?

The premiere of the new series of the most popular anime “Seraph of the end Season 3” is planned for September 2019. The release date was repeatedly postponed. But the patient viewer is ready to wait for the long-awaited meeting with your favorite characters.


Teenagers who are not adapted to life without parents must now fight for their salvation. The world is deeply depressed, because every child has lost his adult relatives and friends. In addition to the virus, which none of the children can not resist – from the depths of the Earth appeared no less dangerous monsters.

They were vampires, ready to take the life of any child, in order to quench their irrepressible thirst. Encouraged by their own impunity, they begin to enslave the remaining people and create shelters for them, in which children are subjected to the most terrible torture.

Hakuya Yuichiro, a boy from the orphanage, for a long time was held captive by vile creatures, along with his companions in misfortune. Whatever mockery his fate could not provide, the boy is firmly convinced that he can take revenge on the insane creatures.

During the first two seasons, Hakuya was able to get out of captivity, join the vampire resistance squad and even fall in love with Shinou Kyrag. Young people do not feel childish towards each other and often fight for each other.

Murder of the best friend

How will the mad fight end? Will children be able to find an effective cure for the virus, because it is so difficult to live in a world where there are no adults. The third season will open the veil of secrecy, but will not disclose all the cards to the end.

 The actors of scoring

  • Hakuya Yuichiro – a member of the detachment of evil spirits of the moon, fighting vampires, the main weapon of the boy was the grim spirit of Asyamaru – Miya Irino.
  • Mikaela Hakuya – Comrade Hakuya, in one of the battles turned into a vampire, hating the vampire part of her nature tries to give up blood and in every way resists vampire instincts – Kensyo Ohno.
  • Shinou Kyraga – Hakui’s girlfriend, sweetheart, young people value each other very much, always caring about their safety, heads their own squad, tries not to show their emotions to others – Saori Hayami.
  • Coureto Hiiragi – the head of the family of Hiragi, the commander-in-chief of the Japanese army, a crafty, ruthless manipulator, kills vampires with the hope that he will rule the world – Tomoaki Maeno.

Interesting Facts

  1. After the release of the second season, the picture awaited a stunning success, thanks to which viewers have been waiting for 3 years to continue the adventure in an alternative universe filled with vampires. The release date of season 3 was postponed 2 times and only recently in the print edition of Jump Square, which publishes the eponymous manga, a reference to the anime appeared in September 2018.
  2. The first and second season were released with a small separation from each other. The third season was unplanned, so the fans waited longer for the continuation than usual.
  3. Unfortunately, anime is allowed to be viewed by persons who have reached the age of 18.
  4. Kagami Takaya became the creator of the manga of the same name. He wrote stories for such famous paintings as “The Legend of the Legendary Heroes”, “The Apocalypse Fox” and “The Seven Lives of the Black Rabbit”. His work is highly appreciated in his native Japan.

Seraph of the end Season 3 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1September, 2019
3x02Series 2September, 2019
3x03Series 3September, 2019
3x04Series 4September, 2019
3x05Series 5September, 2019
3x06Series 6September, 2019
3x07Series 7September, 2019
3x08Series 8September, 2019
3x09Series 9September, 2019
3x10Series 10September, 2019

Owari no Seraph