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And once again the TV show “P-Valley” pleases the audience with new episodes! The plot, which was originally based on the script for Katori Hall’s play “Pussy Valley”, has been brought to life. Now the club’s strippers from Mississippi have a new goal that will unite them to achieve it. This time, even the most daring disputes will not affect the common desire to succeed…

“P-Valley ss 3”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the long-running project “P-Valley” has not been officially announced yet, but it’s only a matter of time. At the beginning of the summer of 2022, it is planned to discuss the start date for the filming of the season 3, which means that new episodes are not far off. Most likely they will appear in autumn 2023.


The glitzy strip club makes the most of its profits from Mercedes’ weekly performance. She does not like work, but a stable income does not allow her to leave. Moreover, Mercedes helps a mother who appreciates church customs. And although the woman does not like how her daughter earns a living, she still takes the money offered. This goes on for a short time.

Mercedes informs her boss Clifford of her intention to quit her job and do something more serious. For him, this is a huge blow, because there is no one to replace such a shocking girl as Mercedes. Clifford is heavily in debt and the loss of an important stripper will bring him complete ruin. Moreover, if the club closes, then some girls will simply have nowhere to go.

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After persuading Mercedes to stay for a short time, he begins to search for a gold mine. Clifford launches a competition for the vacancy and ends up hiring the mysterious Autumn Night. Mercedes does not approve of this choice, because she considers Autumn empty, and understands that she will not be able to bring a similar income. In Season 1, girls don’t get along — everything changes when Mercedes discovers Autumn’s dark secrets.

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In order to protect herself from her mother’s attacks, Mercedes helps the church with large sums. In return, she does not have to repent to the Lord, which her mother so insists on, because in her opinion it is a sin to show a naked body to men. One day, Mercedes learns that Clifford is in serious trouble and is forced to close the club. To prevent this from happening, she deprives her mother of another donation and gives the entire accumulated amount to Clifford. The club remains afloat, but there are problems that need to be solved. Including an angry mother.

One of the girls is forced to come to work with a baby. The husband beats her and it is not possible to leave the baby with him. Clifford finds it no problem and has no problem babysitting while his girl dances on stage. The club’s security guard helps the girl, but she only sees him as a friend because she doesn’t want to tie herself to another man.

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Whatever the season, the new drama. Mercedes remains the face of the program, but Autumn tries to keep up. For 2 seasons, having withstood the attacks of competitors, debts, the police and other troubles, the club continues to develop, and Clifford does not stop surprising the public with outrageous images. But the 3rd season will exceed the wildest expectations, as the intrigue regarding the future of the club heats up to the limit. Who will be the next star?

Actors and their roles

  • Mercedes — looks like a real bitch, ready to cling to anyone who comes into her hand at the wrong time; in reality, she is kind, smart, always looks ahead and believes in her strength; helps a mother who is always dissatisfied with everything; she is friends with Clifford and helps him out in the most difficult moment of his life — Brandee Evans.
  • Autumn Night — recently came to work for Clifford and hid her identity until the last; constantly arguing with Mercedes; desperately in need of money; helps Clifford in dark dealings in exchange for not getting her with documents — Elarica Johnson.
  • Uncle Clifford — an eccentric black man who dresses in women’s clothes, puts on bright makeup and has a non-standard image; prefers male clients of the club; does not have a life partner; ready to help those in need, that’s why he is so worried about the future of the club — Nicco Annan.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic are brimming with critical acclaim for seasons 1 and 2. The life of strippers is shown as it is, which makes the audience understand that they are real girls, for whom the pole has become the only way to earn money.
  2. When choosing an actor for the role of Uncle Clifford, the creator of the picture, Katori Hall, wanted to see him as an excellent dancer. And when the choreographer Nicco Annan came to audition, he immediately got the advantage. True, in order to take on such a shocking image and look confident in it, Annan had to try very hard.
  3. The premiere of the TV show “P-Valley” took place the day after the world premiere — July 13, 2020. Even before the release of the first episodes, work on new episodes of the season 2 was announced.
  4. The directors of the TV series are only girls. Moreover, in the season 1, each of the 8 episodes was created by a new director.
  5. Spectacular dances shown in the TV show are the merit of Jamaica Craft, the main choreographer of the project, known to the audience as an actress. The project employs several understudies — professional dancers. The understudy of the main character is a dancer named Spyda.

P-Valley Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1autumn 2023
3x02Series 2autumn 2023
3x03Series 3autumn 2023
3x04Series 4autumn 2023
3x05Series 5autumn 2023
3x06Series 6autumn 2023
3x07Series 7autumn 2023
3x08Series 8autumn 2023
3x09Series 9autumn 2023
3x10Series 10autumn 2023

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