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Paddington 3 – a sweet family film in the genre of comedy, adventure, a fairy tale under the director’s directing Paul King. A film that will not leave anyone indifferent. The premiere show of the first part took place in 2014, but the picture has already found world popularity and entered the lists and ratings of the best films for family home viewing.

“Paddington part 2”: release date, announcement

Fans of the kind and cheerful bear are happy that finally the part 3 of the “Paddington” movie is in development! This was officially announced in July 2021 by the project management. Principal photography is known to begin in 2023. Since the production of such pictures requires careful preparation and the use of computer graphics, the premiere of the part 3 is unlikely to be released earlier than January 2024. We continue to follow the news!

The full title of the part 3 is “Paddington in Peru”.


Paddington 1

At the very beginning of the twentieth century, one scholar-researcher discovered in the dense Peruvian forests of talking bears with a special craving for sweets. The explorer left, and the bears continued to live their animal life.

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padington-3Many years later, one of the representatives of such bears arrives in Great Britain – a small bear cub, named “Paddington” in honor of the station where he was discovered. Bear Paddington extends a helping hand to the Brown family: they are very attached to the animal despite all the adventures into which it draws in associates.

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In all the cinematographic canons, Paddington also has a foe – the creator of the stuffed Millicent, who dreams of making Paddington the best exhibit of her awesome taxidermist collection!

Paddington 2

Movie Paddington 2 – is the continuation of the sensational story of the Peruvian bear, who by fate’s fate found himself in the UK in the care of the English family.
Paddington dreams of making her distant cousin, Aunt Lucy, happy, and plans to give her a very rare old book. Teddy bear is hired to accumulate the right amount for the aunt’s solemn jubilee.

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The bearish joy did not last long … While Paddington worked hard and did not spare his fur, someone stole an antique folio!

Before the bear Paddington gets an impossible task: you must certainly find a heinous burglar in a huge London and return the coveted edition!

Paddington 3

The plot of the film is not fully worked out and is still kept in secret.

6 interesting facts about Paddington

  1. Based on the Paddington adventure movie, Paddington Run was created, which is compatible with all smartphone operating systems.
  2. British film distribution after the first week of the show The Paddington 2 collected almost 11 million dollars, which exceeds the amount of the first part of the picture (about $ 8 million was collected there).
  3. The head of the French studio StudioCanal Didier Lupfer promised that the Paddington 3 will necessarily appear on the movie screens, since the film trilogy is planned.
  4. According to the initial plan, the actors of the voice acting of Paddington’s voice were the actors Hugh Laurie and Colin Firth, but in the end Paddington’s voice was Ben Wishaw.
  5. The official Slogan slogan of the Paddington movie is “Please look after this bear. Thank you!”
  6. Movie about Paddington – is the adaptation of the most popular children’s book of the writer Michael Bond. The edition has been translated into more than 30 world languages.
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The cast of the movies

  • Ben Wishaw – voice of the Peruvian bear Paddington.
  • Hugh Bonneville – Henry Brown, the head of the family who sheltered the bear cub.
  • Sally Hawkin – Mary Brown, Henry’s wife.
  • Madeleine Harris – Judy Brown (daughter of the Browns).
  • Samuel Jocelin – Jonathan Brown (son of Browns).
  • Jim Broadbent – Mr. Gruber, the owner of a rarity store.
  • Nicole Kidman – Millicent Clyde, the antagonist of the first part.
  • Brendan Gleason – McGinty, safe hacker, cook.
  • Hugh Grant is a formerly famous actor who now plays any stupid roles that just turn up.
  • Julie Walters is Mrs. Bird.

Paddington 3: release date

NameRelease date
Paddington 32024

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