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Animated TV series “Pantheon” shows firsthand what a person’s love for new technologies can turn into. Having decided to upload his consciousness to cloud storage, David could not even imagine what he was dooming his family to. What happened to him after downloading brought trouble not only to little Maddie and her mother, but also to the rest of humanity…

“Pantheon ss 2”: release date, announcement

The fascinating continuation of the animated story “Pantheon” has already been officially confirmed, the creators just have to decide on the exact release date!

p.s. Despite the fact that 2 seasons were originally ordered, in January 2023 the animated series “Pantheon” was canceled.


Maddie is tired of being ridiculed by her classmates. In an era when everyone uses network communication as the main form of communication, the girl is forced to watch schoolchildren write nasty things about her day after day. Each new trip to school is another torture for the girl. But one day, the home computer opens a dialog box on its own, in which an unknown person starts a correspondence with Maddie…

Using emojis, he jokes with other students, and the next day strange things happen in Maddie’s class. By texting each other, classmates learn a lot of dirty secrets and start a fight in the toilet. They finally got behind Maddie. But at home, the mother decides to find out who the unknown person is, which corresponds with her daughter. After a few emojis, she leaves the room in horror.

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Maddie hears her mother talking to a man on the phone and concludes that her father David may still be alive. But they thought for a long time that he was dead, didn’t they? Was the mother really hiding something that would play a big role for her daughter? Where is her father and why is her mother so scared of the usual flower, ring and family emoticons?

Frame from the animated TV series

Caspian is the best high school student. He is perfectly versed in computer programs, can give odds to his father, who works in a software development company. In relations with his parents, he tries to keep a distance. This is not surprising: they cannot get along with each other and at every opportunity they strive to pour each other with a new portion of muck.

The viewer knows that these two are deliberately playing the scene in front of the young man, but Caspian does not even think about the reasons for the quarrelsome parental behavior. Once online, he meets a girl named Maddie. The question of the singularity is brought up, and Caspian finds an interesting occupation for himself — to hack the website of the local company where his father works. This is where Maddie believes her father is being held.

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But everything turns out to be more complicated than they thought: the company is uploading people’s minds to cloud storage, and Maddie’s father can only exist in it. All the talents that are not available in real life are revealed here. Fantastic place where anyone can go. But it is precisely such a discovery that opens up new perspectives for greedy people. A war is coming, and only a few will be able to stop it…

Actors and their roles

  • Maddie — has no friends; often suffers bullying from girls in her class and can’t do anything about it; Maddie wants to find her father and is ready to use the help of people unfamiliar to her — Katie Chang.
  • Caspian — an apathetic teenager who can easily do several things at the same time; studies at school without enthusiasm; does not worry about health; pities the mother, hates the father, but does not interfere in their relationship; meets Maddie through the network and is imbued with the idea of ​​uncovering a conspiracy of a large mind-uploading corporation — Paul Dano.
  • David — the father of Maddie; was hopelessly ill; participated in the innovation of introducing intelligence into cloud storage; was able to contact his wife and daughter, trying to solve problems at a distance; exists only in the storage of information, where the daughter goes for him along with her like-minded people — Daniel Dae Kim.
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Interesting Facts

  1. After the release of the season 1, the animated series received 7.7 points from IMDb viewers and became one of the most viewed cartoon projects of 2022.
  2. Daniel Dae Kim, voice of David, is best known for his role as Jin-Soo Kwon on the “Lost” TV show. The picture brought him world fame, and acquaintance with the creators of the project allowed him to become the hero of another popular TV series. A year after the release of “Lost”, the TV project “Hawaii Five-0” was launched, where Dae Kim became one of the leading actors.
  3. The animated series is based on “The Apocalypse Triptych” — a series of 3 anthologies of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction. The triptych includes stories by several authors: Sarah Langan, Scott Sigler, Ken Liu, Carrie Vaughn, Hugh Howey. Short stories by Ken Liu were chosen for the film adaptation.

Pantheon Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1closed
2x02Series 2closed
2x03Series 3closed
2x04Series 4closed
2x05Series 5closed
2x06Series 6closed
2x07Series 7closed
2x08Series 8closed

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