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The world will always need such heroes as Ryder and his loyal friends, whom he affectionately calls the “PAW Patrol”. This patrol consists of several dogs, each of which performs its own function – whether it is an excellent scent or the ability to control a fire engine. Puppies are ready for anything to help Ryder protect the world from danger.

When will the animated series “PAW Patrol Season 7” come out?

The continuation of the fascinating animated series “PAW Patrol” will appear on the screens on March 27, 2020.

On average, more than 5 million viewers worldwide view one episode. This means that project ratings are not falling and are kept at a high level.


Ryder is a cute schoolboy with a good heart. He has many friends, including girls, boys, and other animals. Ryder has an inquiring mind, which helps him design any even the most sophisticated devices. Using one of these devices, he can assemble the PAW Patrol team.

One of Ryder’s friends is a puppy named Marshall. The Dalmatian knows how to control a fire engine, copes with the work of a doctor with brilliance, but at the same time he is terribly afraid of flying and is famous for his clumsiness among friends. Rubble appeared in the team as one of the last, but already managed to master a large number of skills, including in construction.

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Chase perfectly copes with police duties perfectly, drives a specialized car and wears a uniform with sergeant uniforms. Rocky helps guys a lot when it comes to rescue operations. The puppy is responsible for recycling and drives a car with a lot of useful tools.

The main characters of the series

The work of the PAW Patrol is to help everyone who needs it. This may be a cat, which accidentally fell into the middle of the lake, or a train that went off the rails. Just hearing about a request for help, Ryder calls the PAW Patrol and together with his friends goes to help.

Next season, puppies will regain useful skills that will help them broaden their horizons. The animated series is not only interesting for children, but also informative from the point of view of mechanics, as well as building friendly relations in society. Many parents have already opted for the series for its credibility and the attitude of the child to the world.

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Main characters

  • Ryder – a 10-year-old schoolboy who is the commander of the PAW Patrol; created all the devices that puppies use; most often moves on an all-terrain vehicle or a skateboard; Ryder is very kind to others and will never leave anyone in trouble, no matter what happens.
  • Marshall – a charming Dalmatian; is a fire fighter; knows how to drive a medical van; eventually began to fight with his fear of flying, and very successfully; has fire service awards.
  • Rubble – English Bulldog; successfully performs construction work; he used to be alone, but changed a lot when he made friends; flies on a snowboard with the flight function, moves on a bulldozer; without any hesitation, repair any construction equipment.
  • Chase – a German shepherd, a great assistant in police matters, but suffers from a nightmare allergy to cats, which sometimes complicates the search for lost cats; has super spy skills; always ready to help or come in his police car.
  • Rocky – does not have a specific breed; helps the patrol to repair various devices, and is also responsible for recycling; rushing into the business puts on a green backpack, which constantly contains tools; in its arsenal has a special device that helps to see through the walls.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The first episode of the animated series appeared on August 12, 2013 on Nickelodeon. A few months later, another channel bought the broadcast – TVOKids. A few years later, the first episodes appeared on YouTube, after which the animated series became several times more famous.
  2. Over six seasons, 226 episodes were released, the timing of which ranges from 20 to 28 minutes.
  3. By mid-2019, more than 126 television channels belonging to different countries had purchased the broadcast rights.
  4. In 2013, the animated series won the award for the highest rated preschool television program in the United States. Since then, project ratings have been steadily growing.
  5. But there are negative reviews that relate to the gender issue. Foreign journalists are unhappy that there are few female characters in the animated series. Most heroes are negative at all.

PAW Patrol Season 7: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
7x01Series 1March 27, 2020
7x02Series 2March 27, 2020
7x03Series 3April 3, 2020
7x04Series 4April 3, 2020
7x05Series 5April 10, 2020
7x06Series 6April 10, 2020
7x07Series 7April 17, 2020
7x08Series 8April 17, 2020
7x09Series 9April 24, 2020
7x10Series 10April 24, 2020

Paw Patrol | Best Friends: Skye & Zuma | Nick Jr. UK

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