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Ryder is a kind boy, able to protect any resident of his city. In this he is helped by faithful puppies performing dangerous tasks. For the benefit of their own wards, Ryder supplies them with various technical units. But sometimes the salvation of others’ lives takes more strength and skills than our heroes have…

“PAW Patrol ss 8”: release date, announcement

The sequel to the “PAW Patrol” animated television series was announced in April 2, 2021. But an outbreak of coronavirus knocked the morale of the creators of the project.

Currently, the show’s month of release remains unchanged, although there is a possibility of postponement. The “PAW Patrol” project team works at an accelerated pace so that young viewers can start watching new episodes on time.


Marshall is a cute puppy of the Dalmatian breed. He perfectly controls the fire truck, easily performs medical procedures. But the fear of flying makes the puppy useless for working in the air. Friends are accustomed to the clumsy habits of their four-legged comrade, and perceive him as he is.

But the puppy named Chase, on the contrary, is so virtuoso that he serves in the police and practices fast driving. Rubble has mastered building skills well. And this despite the fact that he arrived in the team one of the last. He is responsible for his duties and can serve as an example for other puppies.

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Rocky is usually involved in saving lives, because his direct responsibility is to carry out rescue operations. He is responsible for recycling, drives a garbage truck and loves various tools. All together the guys are called PAW Patrol. But we forgot to mention the most important member of their unsurpassed dog team.

The main characters of the animated TV series

This is Ryder – a good student with the best of intentions. He is very young, but over the years of his life he managed to make a lot of friends and acquaintances, including not only boys, but also girls and animals. Ryder is curious and always open for new acquaintances, especially when there is free time.

One of Ryder’s favorite pastimes is design. He is able not only to repeat someone’s invention, but also to make it on his own. Thanks to his technical skills, he was able to make auxiliary devices for all members of PAW Patrol. He holds the main device. With its help, all puppies gather in one place.

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Everyone knows that in case of trouble, it is better to contact Ryder. He can always find a way out and bring his faithful companions to help – his PAW Patrol. The animated series is so successful that the creators did not even dare to dream about! Millions of children gather at the screens to watch the new episode live.

Main characters

  • Rubble – English Bulldog; easily copes with construction equipment; he has a personal snowboard equipped with a flight function.
  • Marshall – a dog of the Dalmatian breed; serves in fire protection; rides an ambulance.
  • Rocky – a thoroughbred puppy; repairs technical devices belonging to a patrol; everywhere he goes with a green backpack, equipped with all kinds of tools.
  • Chase – German Shepherd Dog; is an excellent cop; Allergic to cat hair, therefore unsuitable for tracking cats.
  • Ryder – a good guy of 10 years; patrol commander; creator of the gadgets that puppies are equipped with; kind, cheerful, never leaves anyone in trouble.

Interesting Facts

  1. In some countries, the main characters of the animated series are voiced by adult and experienced voice actors. Moreover, most often these are women who are able to change their voice beyond recognition. However, in the original version, the character is voiced by teenagers. It should be noted that they do it very well.
  2. Young viewers so eagerly write letters to the Nickelodeon editorial office that the channel producers had to reconsider their views on the initial attitude towards the project. The first seasons the TV channels did not even want to buy. And now they are ready to order the 8th and 9th seasons. Most likely, season 8 will not come out with a year-long interval, but much earlier.
  3. For more than 5 years, the Paw Patrol was just an invention of the scriptwriters. None of the studios wanted to take on the project, because the good messages are not interesting to our small viewers. But with the animated series “Paw Patrol” a completely different story – the children appreciated Ryder’s kindness in relation to animals and the world around him.
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PAW Patrol Season 8: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
8x01Series 1April 2, 2021
8x02Series 2April 2, 2021
8x03Series 3April 9, 2021
8x04Series 4April 9, 2021
8x05Series 5April 16, 2021
8x06Series 6April 16, 2021
8x07Series 7April 23, 2021
8x08Series 8April 23, 2021
8x09Series 9April 30, 2021
8x10Series 10April 30, 2021

PAW Patrol | Mighty Pups Best Moments and Rescues | PAW Patrol Official & Friends!

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