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Los Angeles – the city of dreams and the wildest desires. In 1938, the country was experiencing social unrest and trying to cope with the tension that arose through the fault of society and politicians. The horrific murder shocks the city, and Detective Tiago Vega will have to find out who is behind this crime and how to catch the mysterious villain.

When will the series “Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Season 1” be released?

April 26, 2020 on the Showtime channel will premiere the TV show “Penny Dreadful: City of Angels”. The series is an indirect continuation of the series with the same name, released in the period from 2014 to 2016.
According to the creators, the dramatic detective story is a separate project, and some of the actors from the previous series will play completely different roles in this project.


While the society is on the verge of a break, the streets are filled with drawings of Mexican folklore. Every day there are more and more such drawings, but it is not always possible to identify artists. Confronting supporters of the religion of Santa Muerte and even more ardent Devil worshipers are gaining momentum. And when a murder occurs in the city, the police rush into the footsteps of the criminal.

The case falls into the hands of Detective Tiago Vega, who will understand the motives of the crime, find the culprit and prove his involvement in the horrific event. Involuntarily, Tiago finds himself drawn into a whole string of strange events that reveal to him the real essence of the murderer. Tiago learns more about Los Angeles itself, whose history in the series paid much attention.

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What awaits the viewer in the new series?

The construction of the first roads, the flourishing of evangelism, the crazy rituals of supporters of the Santa Muerte clan, and even the strange traditions of Los Angeles, which have long been erased from the memory of the townspeople – all this will plunge our detective into shock, but will not let him go astray. Even the details of the spies of the Third Reich cannot influence his decision. But when his own family is involved, he can no longer stand aside.

The series talks about the innovative approach to the magical craft, which takes roots in Latin America and continues to spread to the entire hemisphere of the Earth. When Tiago finds out about this, his first thought is to save the family – now they are in great danger, and only the main character can protect them. The magical forces are trying to separate him from loved ones, but Vega is ready for battle.

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The season 2 will continue to frighten the audience with their stories, and talk about new intricacies that can confuse a person. Given the turbulent times in the country and in Los Angeles itself, our heroes will resolve new moral dilemmas, and plunge deeper into the world of occult myths, strange creatures and supernatural events.

Actors and their roles

  • Magda – a demon with supernatural power, can take on the appearance of any person, so throughout the series appears in different forms, intelligent, ruthless, beautiful heroine – Natalie Dormer.
  • Tiago Vega – a detective, Native American with Mexican blood, he is forced to fight with outright racism, maniacs, murderers, Tiago has children’s injuries and problems related to religion, which he tries to solve during the series – Daniel Zovatto.
  • Mateo Vega – the younger brother of Thiago, very emotional and sometimes unable to cope with his feelings, has no ambitions, is weak-willed, constantly gives in to changes in his mood – Johnathan Nieves.
  • Josefina – the youngest Vega in the family, the calm girl who is always taken care of by her relatives, possesses tremendous strength of mind, but only demonstrates this in emergency situations – Jessica Garza.
  • Molly – an impeccable speaker, knows how to lead the crowd and direct it in the right direction, the sister of the Evangelist – Kerry Bishe.

Interesting Facts

  1. In November 2018, on Showtime channel, the news appeared that the filming of the series “Penny Dreadful: City of Angels” will start soon, presumably since March 2019. It now remains to wait for the end of the shooting process, further editing, voice acting and other works, in order to enjoy plenty of fascinating horror in the style of past times.
  2. The creator of the original project in 2014, John Logan re-took his post. The man is sure that the previous series did not deserve to be closed, but the circumstances did not allow to extend the picture. In those years, the series received 14 of the most prestigious awards and positive reviews from critics, but did not continue to exist.
  3. Many viewers remember the actress Natalie Dormer on the role of the princess from the series “Game of thrones“. Her unexpected appearance in the picture did not imply anything bad, but in the end Dormer was able to play her two-faced heroine so brilliantly that critics highly appreciated her talent. In the series “The Tudors” she played a similar character and also was successfully remembered by the audience.
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Penny Dreadful. City of Angels Season 1: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
1x01Series 1April 26, 2020
1x02Series 2May 3, 2020
1x03Series 3May 10, 2020
1x04Series 4May 17, 2020
1x05Series 5May 24, 2020
1x06Series 6May 31, 2020
1x07Series 7June 7, 2020
1x08Series 8June 14, 2020
1x09Series 9June 21, 2020
1x10Series 10June 28, 2020

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