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The Pennyworth TV series takes place in 20th century London, where Alfred Pennyworth, known to many fans of the DC Universe as the future butler of Bruce Wayne, meets important people, makes connections, and also finds a place in this crazy world. A personal tragedy forces him to do something he would never do. But such is life: you have to adapt to the conditions that it offers…

“Pennyworth ss 4”: release date, announcement

It is known that the continuation of the multi-episode action TV series “Pennyworth” is scheduled for the fall of 2023. And if the first two seasons were broadcast by Epix, then starting from the season 3, HBO Max is doing this. “Moved” to a new location, the picture received the extended title “Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler”, as many viewers did not pay attention to the title due to ignorance of the surname belonging to Bruce’s best friend.


1960s. British special forces soldier Alfred Pennyworth wants to change his profession, because he sees the killing of people not as a defense of the territory of his native country, but as a violence against human nature. When he loses a friend in battle, he understands that he must leave immediately, otherwise he himself will be the next victim.

With two close associates, Alfie decides to build a business. Pennyworth wants to start a security company that will soon become a decent job instead of one he hates. In the meantime, Pennyworth begins his career, he decides to get a job as a security guard in a nightclub. The first working day was marked for him by meeting Thomas Wayne and his sister Patricia. They managed to avoid a fight only thanks to Pennyworth.

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Thomas was very grateful to Alfie and gave him a business card and offered to provide any service he needed. But right now, Pennyworth was concerned only with his relationship with Esme, whom he loved with all his heart. The girl was worried about her origin. Everyone laughed at her when Esme talked about wanting to become an actress. This prompted her to abandon Alfred so as not to bring him unnecessary suffering.

Frame from the TV show

But at that moment, unknown people attack her, and Alfie does not have time to help. Soon he receives a message in which Esme’s life is offered to be exchanged for Thomas Wayne. At first, Alfie agrees, but after the kidnapping, he decides that Tom is a good person and does not deserve such a fate. Pennyworth had to save his beloved without being able to fulfill the conditions of the bandits.

At first, everything went according to plan, and Alfie saved the girl. Queen Elizabeth personally awarded the guy. But over the course of the story, more and more difficulties appeared. Esme was killed, and Pennyworth learned that this was done out of revenge. Not wanting to put up with fate, he drags himself further into the abyss of murder and unreasonable war.

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The season 3 told about the events that took place 5 years later. New villains have appeared, in whose hands they have a unique weapon that can affect the human body at a psychokinetic level. With it, they could force a person to do anything. But even here Pennyworth wins. But for how long? After all, those who walk on the other side of the law remained alive…

Actors and their roles

  • Alfred Pennyworth — a fighter for justice and freedom of speech; does not stand aside when he sees the suffering of other people; for a long time he was in love with a dancer named Esme, whom they met in a club where they both worked; does not like it when his father begins to teach him and talk about the merits of his work as a royal butler — Jack Bannon.
  • Thomas Wayne — immediately after his arrival in Britain, he received the nickname “American”, which will accompany him for a long time; gets into trouble at the club, where Alfie pulls him out; tries to keep an eye on his crazy sister; turns out to be a target for Esme’s kidnappers, but this unpleasant story becomes the beginning of his friendship with the future butler — Ben Aldridge.
  • Patricia — Tom’s charming sister, loves trouble and constantly attracts them; frivolous, not at all similar in character to her brother, considers herself cunning and smart — Salóme Gunnarsdóttir.
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Interesting Facts

  1. In the season 3, viewers met another representative of the Wayne family. They became Patrick, Tom’s father and Bruce’s grandfather. It was he who became the customer, who decided that only Alfie could help him deal with a gang of criminals who affected the human brain with the help of the drug they created.
  2. The filming process usually takes place in Leavesden, Hertfordshire. There is a Warner Bros. studio where most of the scenes are filmed. Also involved is the Florin Court residential building, which later became the home of one of the characters.
  3. The TV show “Pennyworth” is one of the few projects that gets better every season. After the release of the pilot episodes, the picture received 7.3 points from IMDb viewers, and already in the season 2, the score rose to 7.9 points and did not fall even in the 3rd season.

Pennyworth Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1autumn 2023
4x02Series 2autumn 2023
4x03Series 3autumn 2023
4x04Series 4autumn 2023
4x05Series 5autumn 2023
4x06Series 6autumn 2023
4x07Series 7autumn 2023
4x08Series 8autumn 2023
4x09Series 9autumn 2023
4x10Series 10autumn 2023

Pennyworth Cast Previews Batman Prequel Series

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