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Having decided to end his career as a firefighter, James is served in the crooks. Without thinking twice, he agrees to a scam invented by a certain Paul, the son of a pastor. Paul wants to take away from his father the money earned by extortion from the parishioners. At first, the operation begins successfully, only Paul was not entirely honest with James. He forgot to mention that anyone who crosses a pastor’s road can consider himself a corpse…

When will the “Perpetual Grace, LTD season 2” be released?

In the spring of 2020 there will be a continuation of the series “Perpetual Grace, LTD”. Amazon’s channel has high hopes for the series, so in May 2019, it began to prepare for the filming of the season 2.

It is not known how profitable the picture will turn out – the 1st season has very mediocre ratings. The creators of the series remains to rely on the new season and its success among the audience.


3 months before meeting with the pastor, James worked at the fire station. But the career did not work. Leaving his comrade in the fire, whom 11 children were waiting for, James left the burning house and realized that he was too cowardly for such work. Remorse of conscience is still driving him crazy, but he understands that it is necessary to live on. That’s just to get out of the bottom of the bottle is not so easy.

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James starts to spend a lot of time in the bar. There he meets with Paul Brown, who proposes to rob his own father for 4 million dollars. Without thinking twice, James agrees and begins to put his plan into action. First, he needs to turn into a drug addict so that the pastor wants to put James on the path of correction.

Shortly thereafter, Pastor Byron Brown and his wife find James on the road, invite them into their home and help them rehabilitate without demanding anything in return. James offers them help in finding his son Paul, whom his mother is madly in love and waiting for. The pastor and his wife agree, and the sad news comes soon – Paul is in a Mexican prison, he is sick and may die soon.

The main character of the series

Byron and his wife go to prison, and James finds Paul’s documents and tries to rewrite all the property in his name. But Byron quickly guesses everything and even manages to kill two prisoners with his bare hands. When James learns what cruelties a pastor is capable of, he begins to understand who he is dealing with and what awaits him.

It is necessary to urgently solve problems that have piled up, which are becoming more and more every day. James has to go on the run, because the local sheriff suspects him of killing the girl, and Byron will never let James off his hook. Will the hero avoid the pastor’s wrath or will he become one of his victims?..

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Actors and their roles

  • Byron Brown – a pastor who illegally raises funds from his congregation; does not like his son, considering him a shame of the family; he is very attached to his wife, whose requests are very often fulfilled; everyone calls him Pa – Ben Kingsley.
  • Lillian – everyone calls her Ma; Lillian is much complacent husband; she loves her son Paul very much and accepts whatever he is; insists on his search, but Byron begins this search only for the sake of his wife – Jacki Weaver.
  • James – worked as a fireman until he left his friend, who has 11 daughters, to burn in the fire; he later met Paul and decided to cash in on Byron and the money earned from the congregation – Jimmy Simpson.
  • Paul – the son of Byron and Lillian; came up with a scam with money in which he comes out unscathed – Damon Herriman.

Interesting Facts

  1. James Whitaker and Steven Conrad directed the project. Since 2015, they have been working together on the TV series “Patriot”, which is very popular with viewers. At the peak of fame, James and Steven decided to work together on the project “Perpetual Grace, LTD”, and the project was once again successful and seems ready to collect nominations for prestigious television awards.
  2. After the season 1, viewers began to compare the series with similar pictures, where the situation reigns inertia. So there was a comparison with the TV series “Fargo”, “Breaking Bad”, where the characters behave in a similar way. Moreover, complete chaos reigns around, and it is not always possible to understand what is happening.
  3. Jimmy Simpson’s talent is highly appreciated. He is familiar to many viewers by his participation in the TV series “Westworld”. Such actors play great and make the audience believe in everything that is pronounced by them.
  4. Jackie Weaver did not want to star in the series, but the long-standing friendship with Ben Kingsley and his request for Jackie’s participation were a decisive argument for the woman. In order not to offend an old friend, Weaver decided to take part in the project, to which Ben was unspeakably happy. Previously, they had to work on common projects and they could always find a common language among themselves.
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Perpetual Grace, LTD Season 2: Release Date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1spring of 2020
2x02Series 2spring of 2020
2x03Series 3spring of 2020
2x04Series 4spring of 2020
2x05Series 5spring of 2020
2x06Series 6spring of 2020
2x07Series 7spring of 2020
2x08Series 8spring of 2020
2x09Series 9spring of 2020
2x10Series 10spring of 2020

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